Lamborghini Urus Performante: lighter, sportier

Since its market launch in 2018, 20,000 Lamborghini Urus have been produced. This is a real success story for the Italian brand Lamborghini since this model alone represents more than 50 % of the brand's sales. In 2021 alone, more than 5,000 Urus have been sold.

It is thus on the occasion of the Pebble Beach 2022, a prestigious car elegance contest organized every year, that Lamborghini presented its new version of its SUV: the Urus Performance, lighter, sportier.


Performances, diabolical, on the rise

On the engine side, the 4.0L twin-turbo V8 increases from 650 hp to 666 hp. A deliberately diabolical figure! The torque remains unchanged with 850 Nm.

The weight is down by 46 kg, but this imposing SUV still weighs 2150 kg. This weight reduction is achieved thanks to a carbon fiber roof, front bumper and hood. The Akrapovic titanium exhaust system also contributes to the weight reduction.


Thanks to all these developments, the Urus achieves 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds (0.3 seconds better than the base Urus) and offers a top speed of 306 km/h.

This may seem like a small evolution, but it allows the new Urus to return to the top of the performance rankings, especially against Porsche and Aston Martin (see the comparison table below).


New rally driving mode

The Urus still offers STRADA for comfort, SPORT for dynamism and CORSA for radical sport, and introduces a new RALLY mode for dirt driving, which amplifies oversteer by playing with the anti-roll and damping systems. 

Perfect for fooling around in the desert.


Prices and delivery of the Lamborghini Urus Performante

The base price of the Lamborghini Urus Performante starts at €218,487 (before tax) in Europe and €260,676 $ (before tax) in the US.

Those who have already placed orders for the Lamborghini Urus Performante will be able to receive it by the end of 2022.


Facing the competition

So will this new Urus Performante allow Lamborghini to maintain the 5000 cars produced every year?

This is what we will see, in the meantime, here is the Lamborghini Urus Performante against the existing competition, waiting for the future Ferrari SUV!

CarEngine0 à 100VmaxPrice € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € €
Lamborghini Urus PerformanteV8 4.0L 666 hp3.3 sec306 km/h220 000 €
Porsche Cayenne Turbo GTV8 4.0L 640 hp3.3 sec300 km/h210 000 €
Aston Martin DBX707V8 4.0L 707 hp3.3 sec310 km/h230 000 €
Maserati Levante Trofeo3.8L V8 580 hp4.1 sec302 km/h171 000 €
Bentley Bentayaga SpeedW12 6.0L 635 hp3.9 sec306 km/h232 000 €





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  1. It's time for Stellantis to increase the power of the Levante. Give it a "REAL" last facelift before its release like the Ghibli and the Quattroporte because there Lamborghini, Porsche and Aston have set it back a lot and we could add the Cherokee to the list. A TrofeoR range would not be a bad thing or anything else.

    • I think the 3.8L V8 can't give more unless you make big modifications that would cost too much money. It's an old Ferrari engine, what else do they have in the catalog? The last born is the 3.0L T6 GME which gives 510 hp in the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, it's still not enough, it should be stuck with an electric motor to have more power but the competition does without... Only the future Ferrari SUV will be able to compete.

      • It is not uncommon to see versions prepared at 666hp or even more than 700hp!
        An ultra limited series (500ex) passed in 3.9 from 700 to 800hp as a farewell will avoid the obligations of pollution problems for these 3 old models.
        This would allow to have a value that will remain stable or even show quickly once the current lines are extinguished.

  2. Still as ugly and vulgar, it must be said that they were bought by Audi that does not help. At no time will a Maserati customer be interested in this e-tron. At least it keeps a factory running in Italy...

    • It's not the same clientele, because the Urus' customers buy it for the coat of arms and to show off like Porsche without worrying about the products.

      • So it won't take any customer to Maserati, even if they put a 2000 horsepower engine... I think that a continuous increase of weight and power will become less and less socially accepted, already we have deflated tires on SUVs...

        • No because these 2 brands touch 2 different types of customers like Jaguar and Aston for example.
          Lamborghini customers (the real ones) will be more attracted by McLaren or Ferrari or other exotic brands.
          The customer Maserati by Aston or Porsche or sometimes Lexus.
          When the manufacturers will have understood that the increase of power is not the solution but it is by decreasing the weight that we will eliminate a great part of the problems... we will all be in flying saucer!
          They all want to put 1000hp or more, it brings no solution and Lotus is making the same mistake.

          • So why ask for a 700 to 800 horsepower engine? What does it bring, apart from contributing to the general inflation? It seems to me that people choose a Maserati for its lines, its luxurious and exclusive finish and the incomparable sound of its engine...

          • Fredo chose a Maserati, a Bizarrini, an Aston Martin, a Jaguar, a Lancia or a Lexus for 3 main things. Its luxurious comfort and not especially technological and its power (performance) and its driving pleasure (road holding). Moreover as these are the last hours of the V6 and V8 Ferrari then a final would give the maximum possible in all areas would be a way to say goodbye in beauty. This also brings added value to the end of the range and allows not to lose value, to make a very nice margin and to value the other used models less performing with time.

          • If I can also give my opinion, a brand can have several customers. You can find examples in all brands: Alfa, Audi, Porsche... Lamborghini is a bit like that. The CEO of Lamborghini said that 80 % of the Urus customers are new customers and that they are customers who are fond of the latest novelties and therefore able to change their old Urus for the new one... The Lambo order book is full until 2024.

            In my contacts who have lamborghini it is rather Gallardo and there is only one owner of 488 who considers to change for a huracan because he sees too many 488... Concerning the Levante I know a 488 owner who also has a Levante trofeo...

            In short, all this to say that there is something for everyone and I don't think that a customer of an Aston Martin or Urus SUV has eyes for the Levante Trofeo... it's more for Italian car enthusiasts than for luxury sport SUV enthusiasts. To be seen with its successor in a few years but it will have to be at the level of the future Ferrari SUV for example in terms of characteristics and brand image.

          • However, we see a lot of customers with Levante who take DBX and vice versa (anyway DBX is hardly sold). That's what I'm saying, a Lamborghini customer will look more at Ferrari, McLaren or others of the same kind. SUV customers are already different from traditional purist customers and change SUVs like shirts and are not attached to the product but to the emblem and not the same selection criteria.
            I see more often owners of berlinette Ferrari, McLaren and other exotic birds (like Falcon F7 or corvette C8) driving Stelvio, when Levante in Cayenne, DBX or Cayenne because they seek in their machines a compromise power, road holding and lightness and that's why the Grecale often comes back in their mouth like the Macan and Stelvio which are the triangular stone. The Cayenne, Levante, DBX, are priced by more bourgeois customers and many leave Porsche to have more luxurious interiors which is THE priority.
            They all get new customers and for example the customers of the Ghibli were former customers of Jaguar, Audi and Mercedes because they were fed up with seeing them everywhere and especially with being permanently broken down without ever being able to remedy it.
            Lamborghini has a full order book thanks to the Urus and to the fact that the Aventador is at the end of its life and everyone is rushing to buy it because it is the last V12 car.
            New customers at Maserati were also only that because the owners of Levantes had never bought a Maserati before and often owners of Audi or Porsche and many customers in URUS are at Lamborghini waiting for the Ferrari model. A Lamborghini, a Ferrari will touch the Italian enthusiasts, a Lotus, an Ariel will touch the English enthusiasts, etc... the enthusiasts of Maserati, Aston Martin, Porsche, Jaguar... for SUVs are not enthusiasts and do not get attached to the products and it does not bother them to drive with "BATARDS" products, which share their elements (chassis,
            Platform and mechanical parts with the neighbor).
            As for the image, Maserati has nothing to envy to Aston Martin or Porche (the only competitors) or Jaguar and we can't say that Aston is the joy nor at Jaguar (which wants to go up to the level of Aston and Maserati) and Porsche is becoming more and more products that are more clones of Audi like the URUS so for the image of the neighbors we'll go back to the drawing board and their so-called cartons that will be indestructible at Porsche (their Taycan), We see almost nowhere and it is far from being a box and their electric future is far from announcing all roses. As for the Urus, many people have to change them and not keep them for a long time, considering the number of used cars that are for sale with very few kilometers and only one or two years. In short, customers are interested in them but don't keep them.

          • In terms of image, the URUS has almost none in the very high end because they share almost all with Audi and many customers do not accept to pay so much for it (which is justified) and prefer to buy the cheaper Porsche. In short, Lamborghini's technical background is not great and Ferrari is going to steal customers like it's not allowed because their parts are not found at the neighbor.
            The Gallardo was a hit (but too many reliability problems) because the first small Lambo but the Hurracan, we hardly ever see (just 2 in 8 years) and many have trouble knowing that their engine is at Audi. Many of their customers went to McLaren who have many Porsche and Lamborghini to sell second hand.

          • It's the finish that is bad at Maserati and nothing else because for the rest they share some points with Alfa and on the point of the image it's more prestigious than having a VAG base!
            As far as image is concerned, Porsche and Lamborghini are taking a big hit and the exclusive image no longer exists for many customers.

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