The new electric 500 is designed for a hybrid powertrain, but...

Is the Fiat Is the current 500 electric motor intended for hybrid drive? As you know, we've talked about it a lot, the electric Fiat 500 is selling well, but especially in Francein Germany and much less so in other countries.

So wouldn't a solution be to offer a choice of electric and hybrid powertrains, like the Jeep Avenger, Fiat 600 or soon the Alfa Romeo Junior B-SUV, to satisfy all markets? And is this technically possible?


That's the question we put to Guillaume Clerc, Fiat and Abarth Product Manager, on the occasion of our trip to Italy to learn more about the collaboration between Fiat and Disney : will the Fiat 500 electric be offered with a hybrid powertrain in the future?

Guillaume Clerc: "Technically, we could do it. Do we want to do it, no."


Italpassion: "In France or in Europe?"

Guillaume Clerc: "Worldwide. The electric 500 is manufactured in Turin, at Mirafiori. Its platform, called Mini, is unique, and Fiat is the only brand in the Stellantis Group to offer a car in the A segment. For the time being, this platform is for single use only. So we could fit a hybrid combustion engine, but we don't want to. The projection of the future is an electric future. This car has convinced customers in France and Germany. Less so in Italy, where the challenge lies. It's a real challenge for Fiat to succeed in its own country.


As you can imagine, with the current 500 model celebrating 17 years on the market next year, it's crucial for the Italian brand to make inroads in other countries, especially in southern Europe.


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  1. It's like saying: we can do it, but we don't want to. Markets and customers just have to follow us, because we want electric.
    It's a shame. A brand should listen to its customers too, shouldn't it?
    The Fiat 500e is an excellent city car: pretty, well finished, perfect for the city, pleasant to drive. It's just that not everyone has a charger at home or in their garage, so it's essential to have a choice between electric and internal combustion depending on your needs, and above all for practical reasons.

    • In 2 words, this means:
      "We're selling this, and if you're not happy, well, you can just go elsewhere!"
      If that's what you call responding to the customer's wishes... I'm the pope!
      It's distressing to read something like this!

      • The problem is that there won't be a small car on the market that isn't electric, from any brand.
        Customers will be able to choose between buying a used combustion-powered car, or a larger one.
        The practical problem is forgotten by the brands, who say to the customer: "don't bother recharging your car, we don't give a damn, because our only objective is to sell".

        • This will enable new networks to maintain the old ones, and when the brands go bust, they won't have anything to complain about, because with a mentality like that, they won't be mourned.

  2. Delete the link I gave which shows that the 500 as a whole in Germany will not change the game. People can find it directly on Caradisiac or leblogauto or sport-auto.

  3. When they see that their 500 lithium batteries, recharged at night using coal from German power stations or French nuclear power, will no longer be bought by the limited market of 2-car city dwellers, they'll quickly put in a combustion engine!

    • When you see that in some countries customers back out after buying an electric car.... They don't seem to understand that customers aren't interested in this kind of product. They'll take their business elsewhere, and Stellantis will end up with their unsellable products on their backs, and they won't be able to say it's the customer's fault, or anyone else's, but their own, since customers don't seem to give a damn.

  4. BJ. I don't agree with you... Choosing an electric car is not a pleasure purchase, but it's important to find the right car that's pretty for women and has enough range if you want to go on a trip 200 km from home. What do you recommend between the electric mini and the Fiat 500? My son works for Renault and tells me that the best electric car is the Megane, but it seems too big for the city. Thank you for your answers.

    • There are many types of pleasure, but having a good time as soon as you're in your car is a good vision of automotive pleasure.
      In this period of cold and snow, arriving in your cozy, defrosted car is a pleasure that a woman appreciates.
      It's easy to choose between the virile mini, with its ridiculous range, and the 500e, which is very smooth and only needs to be recharged 2 or 3 times a month.
      Strangely enough, when my girlfriend has to drive one of my Alfa cars, she can't wait to get back to her 500th...

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