Fiat 500 electric: on top in France, at a standstill in other countries

We're continuing to track sales of the electric 500, one of the Italian brand's flagship models Fiat. And yes, despite a plant temporarily shut down due to lower demandIt will surely continue to be marketed, especially in France, where it is the most successful.

By the way, we can thank the Fiat France press department for being one of the few to report on registration figures, which is much appreciated.


Over the first 9 months of the year, this represents 47,991,500 electric cars sold across Europe, including 17,450 in France alone. It's also interesting to note that, compared with the combustion-hybrid version, electric vehicles account for 72 % of registrations in FranceIn Europe, it accounts for only 35 % of sales.

Still in France, For the month of October 2023, sales are slightly lower than in September 2023, but still better than in 2022 (15,163 units from January to October 2022). It will most probably score better in 2023 than in 2022.


Below are detailed figures, with a 9-month total for comparison with European figures, and a 10-month total with figures for France only.

For Europe, By comparison with 2022, when Fiat registered 180,400 Fiat 500s, including 66,732 electrics, the brand is at 135,572 and 47,991 units respectively for the first 9 months of 2023. If we make an estimated smoothing, Fiat could sell fewer electric 500s in 2023 than in 2022 in Europe, and can fortunately still count on the thermal version to achieve a similar figure by 2022. Everything will depend on The last quarter of 2023 will be decisive!


The electric 500, if it fails to convince in other European countriesStellantis CEO Carlos Tavares announced in September 2022 that he wanted to produce 90,000 models a year. Certainly in order to have, we imagine, a 50/50 thermal/electric mix... for the moment that seems complicated. A hybrid version of the new 500 would be welcome.


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  1. Alexandre

    Highlighting the number 47,991,500 gives the impression that almost 48 million were sold 😉🤣
    I know there are some who are positive about electrics, but if Fiat had sold as many 500s, Tesla would be in agony.😂👍

    Fiat could sell fewer electric 500s in 2023 than in 2022 in Europe, and can fortunately still count on the combustion version to achieve a figure similar to 2022. All will depend on the last quarter of 2023, which will be decisive!
    So electric cars sell well, and even then it's a small car for the city, which is a well-founded argument.

  2. The "new" Fiat 500e is very nice, much better finished than the old Fiat 500, with a better driving position. To boost sales, we obviously need a hybrid version to replace the old Fiat 500, which is now rather dated (although very good for city driving).
    Keeping only the 500e means preventing it from selling well, with the constraints of electric power, and a high price that is surely a brake for many.

    • Stanislas
      I'll admit that if I have to choose, I'd rather have a less well finished 500 with a home-made 1.4 Turbo than an electric version, especially an Abarth version in Biposto with its clutch box, polycarbonate windows and carbon/corsa kit. It's no more and no less than a 500 escaped from a racetrack, with which you do hill climbs on Sundays and go to work on Monday mornings. Plus, you run it on bioethanol and it's all good. You've got to admit it's tempting 😉😍

      • Yes, but the Abarth and the Fiat 500 are two different things. A Fiat 500 is a quiet city car, whereas an Abarth has to perform and make a specific noise.
        I know a bit about Abarths, as I've owned two: first a 160 hp 595 Turismo (Monza exhaust, but with the wrong seats), then a 695 biposto (with the Carbon kit, but without the crab gearbox).
        The 695 biposto was both brilliant, even diabolical, but not very usable because it was so uncomfortable (very hard suspension, no air conditioning, it was hard in summer). But the sound of the Akrapovic exhaust was magnificent. I kept it for 3 years, and sold it for about its purchase price.
        I have Abarth nostalgia, and I'd like to come back to it, if Abarth ever releases a more powerful version of the 500e.

  3. I'm not surprised by the 500e's low sales in Europe - in Italy, for example, the recharging infrastructure is underdeveloped. On the other hand, it's clear that the 500e doesn't have the versatility of a combustion version, but I still think that the product is very good, much better than the old one, and that it's part of the direction of history anyway. It will be necessary to develop the range, particularly in terms of trim and paintwork, and to lower prices (or increase battery capacity, but a new 500e is announced as early as 2027). Wider distribution will only take place if the main markets impose a network of rapid recharging points.

    • Infrastructure can't keep up, especially in small towns.
      This summer I went to the Dolomites, where rental companies offer electric cars, except that small roads and mountain roads are not compatible with an electric car. Electric cars are only suitable for city and highway driving, otherwise it's a nightmare. Perhaps manufacturers and governments could try to understand this?
      The old Fiat 500 hybrid is still selling well, while the new 500e is very good. But the former is much cheaper, and you can fill up in 5 minutes.

        • I've noticed that freeway stations have been installing a lot of kiosks in recent months. After that, on a long journey with stops of at least 30 minutes each time, you have time to discover the stores, which is of limited interest after a while.

          • I don't have an electric car, so I don't know the current prices per kw. I've leased one 3 times, including the Fiat 500e, and I've been able to try the Abarth 500e, but nothing more.

          • All in all, my fuel budget has been divided by three with the 500e. We don't go on vacation with it, but I'm happy to use it on a daily basis, and sometimes I do 170 km of dual carriageway, which goes very well. We're thinking of buying a 600e, with which the 250 kms in the fast lane are perfectly attainable without stress, and with the 7,000-euro bonus for all, Fiat is offering it at 28,000 euros. I wouldn't be surprised if it proved a big hit in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and England. They just forgot the frunk, but I think you can find it in the aftermarket.

        • I only rented the Fiat 500e for a few days, but like Fredo I found it very pleasant for short trips. It's a perfect city car, all it needs is better range.
          But I couldn't buy it at the moment, because there's no terminal in my building, and I don't want to bother looking for available terminals, or leaving it in the street.

  4. Otherwise, for the first nine months, the combined figure for combustion and electric vehicles is 183,000: the 500 is still an undeniable success this year! Just one fact: in Europe, Stellantis has overtaken Tesla for deliveries of electric 100%s, and the 500e is a major contributor to this. Alexandre, for the forthcoming e-Panda, we can get a hint of the design on the restyled e-Doblo: the four historic bars have returned to the grille... as on the Centoventi concept.

    This year, Tesla sold a total of 185,238 vehicles in Europe. This represents an increase of 117 % over last year. The automaker increased its market share from 1.53 % to 2.82 %.
    A total of 136,564 Model Ys were sold in Europe this year, putting it ahead of the Dacia Sandero with 123,408 sales, which takes a fine 2nd place among the best-selling cars.
    MG sales also jumped by 128 % in the first half of 2023 compared with the first half of 2022, to a total of 104,293 units.
    This means it has overtaken sales of Cupra, Mazda, Mini, Suzuki and Jeep. Jato Dynamics claims that the popularity of the new MG 4 has contributed to the brand's impressive sales increase.

    Stellantis has 14 brands, so I don't see where it needs to overshadow Tesla or MG.

    • I hate Tesla and Elon Musk, but there are Tesla fans. As for MG, it has become a Chinese brand that no longer has anything British about it.
      If Tesla is successful, it's because they're slashing prices on the Model 3.

      • As for Elon Musk, I'm like you, but his end is nigh with his Cybertruck, which is a total flop (he himself claims to have dug his own grave with this piece of crap).
        MG clearly has nothing to do with it, and the worst is the MGTF, which is sublime and demonic, whereas their future roadster is ugly and will weigh twice as much as the TF.

    • One brand or several, if they use the same platform it's all the same. The n°1 electric car in Europe is Volkswagen (and God knows I don't like their design). Tesla manufactures in China, slashes prices and sells, but Tesla also suffers from numerous strikes in Europe (while waiting for the USA). It's also become perfectly clear that I'll never be a Musk customer, the guy is obnoxious.

      • The way things are going, VAG is likely to take a beating at the end of the year, and next year will be even worse for them.
        Tesla doesn't produce in China, but in Europe too, and the future small Tesla at €25,000 is likely to sell fast and save its head...
        MG also intends to produce in the UK at MG headquarters, as they have retained factories there.
        In short, good luck to electric car buyers, and as it's not yet compulsory in Switzerland, I'd rather see what happens in the meantime.

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