France says goodbye to the 500L and Tipo 4 doors!

It was learned today that Fiat has just to stop the sale of the famous 500Lwhich is not no longer available on the French configurator. It is still produced in the Kragujevac (Serbia) factory, but in small doses, between periods of recovery and periods of unemployment.

The 500L was only available in our country in a Sport finish, based on the Cross, and the recent RED version is likely to become a collector's item because as soon as it is released, it is gone.


The Urban (ordinary minivan) and long Wagon (7 seats) versions had already disappeared from the French catalog for some time. The Cross will therefore have survived only a little longer before it too will bow out.

Only about 200 units had found tenants by 2021 in France. A drop of Chianti in a sea of cars dominated by more enticing and better selling SUVs. The 500X, its sibling in the 500 range, has largely outdone it in its career.


It must be said that Fiat has launched its minivan in 2012has a This was a period when the minivan was beginning to decline and the SUV craze was already beginning to take hold. A problem of timing, a philosophy that was already not attracting the crowds, a look that some will have contested (but it's a matter of taste, personally I find it cute and it's very functional inside) and a questionable legitimacy (some would have preferred an earlier SUV or a new Punto 4 with the budget allocated to this 500L whose bet was risky) will have made the discussions between Fiatists live.

But that doesn't matter. After 10 years of career (as always at Fiat, replacements are very (too!) late), the 500L leaves France.


It should be noted, however, that More than 500,000 units of the 500L have already been produced. This is no small thing.

Finally, we learn (one misfortune never arrives alone!) that the Tipo 2 in 4-door version, restyled in January 2020 with the 5-door and the station wagon and access price to the Tipo range, also leaves the French configurator. Sales are not considered sufficient. However, we do come across Tipo sedans (my parents have one and are quite satisfied with it!) But it is true that the Phase 2 of the trunk version is absent from the traffic radar. Too bad, this Tipo sedan was quite nice, cheap, functional, with a price/equipment/inhabitability/performance ratio that is simply unbeatable!


Farewell to these two minis of Italian production. If the 500L deserves its retirement, the Tipo 4-door leaves us after 6 years of career in Italy. Ciao to them both and grazie mille !

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