Fiat France: end of the Tipo range, except for Cross!

We learned this today but Fiat France has decided to stop sales of the Tipo family, in 5-door and SW versions, only a few weeks after the announcement of the end of the 4-door version.

A decision that seems incomprehensible, as the Tipo 5-door and SW range was the spearhead of Fiat's "rational" range, combining cheap prices and convincing performance, far from low-cost.

But, for Fiat, priority - and even exclusivity - is given to the cross-country versionunveiled a year ago and which already represents 2/3 of the sales of the 5-door according to Fiat. A model more typical of the adventurer, with a more assertive stylistic character and a higher selling price. A bit like what the Stepway versions are to Dacia...

But this equipment has a price. While the Tipo 5-door universe was available for about 17/18 000€, Access to the Cross, now the only offer available, is priced at €20,990This is a 1.0 petrol 100hp version with a very satisfactory equipment (lane departure warning, automatic climate control, cruise control and 7" touch screen).

A superior finish called Cross Plus allows access to additional equipment such as the chrome pack, 17 " alloy wheels, Full LED front headlights, rear view camera and 10″ touch screen. All this for an extra 2000€, which is a gasoline rate set at 22 990€.

But the Cross Plus trim also allows you to opt for a diesel engine (not available on the entry-level model). Prices are even higher. Count 4500€ more than the gasoline! That is 27 490€.

Finally, theRED special edition, with seats made of recycled Seaqual materials, distinctive red elements and profits donated to the RED association, is priced at 23 790€.

The SW station wagon, recently unveiledis now also the only offer available from Fiat for the segment. Not yet visible on the roads, I had the chance to see it in a dealership. It is more massive, well set on its wheels, athletic looking and even seems bigger in proportions than the "simple" SW station wagon. It's a beautiful piece of work, for sure. Especially in the RED finish, which looks great on this model.

Thus, in Cross Plus trim (the simple Cross is not available here), the SW Cross station wagon is priced at 23 990€. with the 1.0 petrol of 100 hp and 28 490€ with the diesel MJT 130 hp, that is to say 1000€ more than the 5-door sedan in both cases (against 2000€ in the past of difference between the 5 doors and the SW with equivalent finish and engines...)

The RED finish, also available on the station wagon, is priced at 24,790€ (again +1000€ than the 5-door).

This makes the Tipo a model that is clearly moving upmarket and could lose its appeal to customers with a limited budget who might now clearly go for the more interesting Dacia or recent second-hand models. This is a pity and not very understandable on the part of Fiat, which is further reducing its already meager range.

On the other hand, the more generalist models, such as the Citroën C4, have a slightly higher budget but are much more poorly equipped. Will the Tipo keep its appeal, allowing you to move upmarket, without losing what made it interesting? The future will tell.


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