Fiat: 2 electric models presented in 2023

During the presentation of the (record!) results of Stellantis, Carlos Tavares confirmed that 2 electric models were to be presented at Fiat in 2023. Small overview of the possibilities...

Fiat 600: the new pocket SUV

He is expected like the Messiah at Fiat. He is the new Fiat 600 SUV (name not yet confirmed), a Urban SUV positioned under the 500X (which is more than 8 years old). According to the first elements, it would be the high legged counterpart of the new 500e. So we have to imagine the same neo-retro style.


Built in Tychy, Poland, alongside its Jeep Avenger sibling, it is said to have aabout 4.10m (i.e. a big Clio). Likely to be offered with the new 156 hp electric motor by the Jeep, it could also be sold with a micro-hybrid engine for a more affordable price.

The new B-SUV... A real novelty... Finally!

Fiat Panda 4 : the Arlesian

Presented in the form of concept in 2019 The Centoventi concept, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show and was supposed to foreshadow the new Panda, was very popular. But years go by and nothing comes... Moreover, it seems that the new stylistic direction of Fiat decided (as if they could afford it!) to drop the successful, sober and modern style, simple without being simplistic, of this concept, which was very much awaited, in order to find simpler forms, more in the minimalist spirit of the original Panda, launched in 1980!


As usual, with Fiat, Monday's project is no longer Thursday's... One thing is certain: Fiat needs a new model in the B segment (about 4 m long), simple, not too expensive and innovative. A coup d'état is mandatory. So, will it be the one?

Will the Centoventi see the light of day?

Fiat Topolino: useful?

For others, the second model of 2023, in addition to the B-SUV, would be simply the new Topolino! By "new", I mean a simple change of logo of the Citroën Ami, a simple quadricycle (it's not even a car!) limited to 45 km/h. A basic and low-cost pocket car, practical for urban people who don't want a 2-wheeler.


But from there to make it a "big novelty", when it shouldn't take more than 3 months to rebadge this model, deliver some specific equipments and build a communication campaign probably aimed at Italy first, I would find that a bit rich! Especially since I personally find this Ami concept as ugly as it is useless and I expect better from Fiat than to rebadge other people's models for cheap. We already have enough with the utility vehicles... Be careful not to lose its image by wrapping all this with glorious names from the past...

The Friend...future Topolino ?

What do you think? What do you think?



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  1. And so the Centoventi project is thrown away... Yet these are the same people who presented it with great fanfare 4 years ago, and I quote Olivier François almost to the day: "We still strongly believe in this dual DNA of Fiat, with, on the one hand, the 500 family, which adopts a premium positioning, and, on the other hand, a more accessible, more minimalist offer, embodied by the Centoventi concept, on which we had not really worked in the previous product plan. The Panda is now a model, it will become a family, which will not necessarily be called Panda. We are rolling up our sleeves to develop it, and it seems to me very interesting in the context of electrification. The future Panda should democratize electric cars. We know that station wagons are no longer in vogue, and MPVs even less so. We need to imagine a relevant combination of family car, cool, accessible and ecological, certainly closer to the world of SUVs and crossovers. Brands like Seat, Skoda or the Koreans have taken this turn perfectly. The Centoventi concept prefigures, in a way, the future of the Panda and of our offer in the B-segment in terms of characteristics and spirit. It will also enable us to solve the problem of low margins that has long characterized this market. The Centoventi approach, which is disruptive and creative, will also be applied to the C segment, or even the compact D segment, with a vehicle measuring 4.50 to 4.60 meters. In the medium term, we will have a complete and very rejuvenated range of six models." The concept was perfect, it embodied everything described just above by the brand's global head, so what's the problem and why hasn't it already given a production model?

  2. I still hope - like a believer? - the return of the Panda IV, as the current one remains one of the brand's best sellers year after year, confirming that its size largely meets the needs of the European population, and especially the Italian one (who will prefer a hybrid version rather than an electric 100% due to the lack of adapted infrastructure). On the other hand, you'll have to do without all the Peugeot gadgets, because the basic 208 costs twice as much as a Panda... Make a nice design, the kind that's fluid and definitive like a MacBook Air, offer space on board and leave the 3D i-cockpit, expensive sheet metal folds and other stuff to the eye candy enthusiasts, thanks Fiat.

  3. It is also possible that the Panda will change its platform from the 500e to the EMP2 of the Citroën C3 to reduce costs, but not the bodywork, hence the delay...

  4. Another beautiful mess!!!
    I wonder if it's not done on purpose!
    As soon as they release a product that can or does sell, what do we do? ????
    Paf the dog... we send it to the dump as usual!
    After the Abarth 124, the sporty central Abarth, 4C QV, the Duetto, the 6C, the Giulia coupe, the Fulvia, the Beta, the Ghibli and now the Cetoventi!!!!
    Seriously, I'm sick of it!
    And when we see the price of the Abarth 500E... we are in the middle of a nightmare!!!!
    They just have to fire the panda and then it will be TOTAL (and I don't speak about the panda family who disappeared from the screens) !!!!!!

  5. The specialty of Fiat since the takeover of Abarth, Alfa (except for the last 10 years), Lancia and Maserati is to show us how to shit (sorry for the rudeness) on the goose that lays the golden eggs!
    I don't understand how we can have so many prestigious brands (including Fiat) and make such a mess of them for years.
    Ah for that... they found themselves well with PSA!!!

    • The Fiat 600 should be a great success, and I'm sure they will keep the Panda, Olivier François was categorical on the issue a year ago. The only question is: will it keep the beautiful design of the Centoventi? Then will come the 500X in 2025 and the European range should be complete.

  6. I still insist, Fiat should have done as for Ferrari with Alfa, Lancia and Maserati.
    Letting them have their independence while placing them under his tutelage and for all the brands where they have done this...they are all at the top of the sheets on every sector.
    I regret that Marchionne did not create the famous HDG division containing these 3 brands as it was announced at the beginning, we would not be there today and soon that the Chrysler group decides to recover its independence... there is only one step that they will not hesitate to cross seen like that with Chrysler and Dodge!

  7. I don't care if they call it the Centoventi Panda! In my opinion if this model is well positioned it will be a success, it is really very attractive!

  8. What ordinary people expect is a "small" combustion-powered car costing between €15,000 and €20,000. Otherwise, they'll keep their old ones for 30 years, restoring them as classic cars. Electrification isn't about ecology, it's about business.

    • This car already exists, it starts from 13,600 euros and is not unpleasant to drive with the Firefly 1.0... I think that with all the options we're just over 15,000 euros.

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