Fiat confirms its roadmap with concepts (and mocks the Geneva Motor Show)

Finally, a bit of communication that's good to see. Fiat has just confirmed, on video, thefuture models in its range until 2027. Through its CEO, Olivier François, who takes to the stage in an authentic Italian café in the heart of Paris. town of Ginevrawe find out a little more about the future range up to 2027, with a focus on "functionality for pleasure".

A series of concepts accompany each ad. Note that all these models will be available worldwide and multi-energyThese are available in electric, hybrid and internal combustion versions. Please note that this does not mean that all these powertrains will be offered in all regions...


Another clarification: there are 5 concepts unveiled and the order in which the video concepts are presented does not automatically correspond to the order in which they are launched. What's more, there are 5 concepts for the next 4 years, at a rate of one launch per year... capito?

Without further ado, here are Fiat's future models, in the order in which they were supposed to be launched thanks to the previous one roadmap Fiat 2029.


2024: a big Panda

The much-anticipated Fiat Panda. It will be much larger than the current Panda and will use sustainable materials, including recycled plastics and bamboo-based fabrics.

An interesting innovation is a self-winding charging cable. See you in july 2024 for its presentation, which will confirm whether or not it will resemble the leaked 3D visuals.


2025: a "Giga-panda" SUV, the famous Multipla?

In 2025, we were expecting an SUV that might well be the new Multipla. And indeed, the fourth concept in the video is a spacious family SUV, a kind of "Giga-Panda".

This car will meet consumers' needs for family transportation. The concept seems rather imposing, but it remains to be seen whether the car will be as impressive in reality.


In the video you can see at the bottom of the article, we also discover that this Giga-Panda will also have a "camper" version, for adventurers.

2026: a fastback SUV to replace the Tipo

This is a surprise. While we've been expecting a new Fiat Tipo, the concept goes further, announcing that it will replace both the Tipo and the Brazilian Fastback model. The car's silhouette is reminiscent of the new Fastback SUV craze. A model that will be available in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and even Europe.


2027: a pickup truck!

Last but not least, by 2027 we should have a pickup truck! It's hard not to think of the Fullback, production of which has been halted in 2019, but also of the Fiat Strada, currently the market leader in Brazil. Here too, this model will be available on all continents, with all engines.

Even if these are only concepts, they are still visuals that are a pleasure to see, because they set the stylistic direction for future products. We'll let you discover more visuals in the video below.



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  1. As far as "global relevance" is concerned, I hope Fiat isn't going the wrong way by offering the same products to populations with different needs and expectations... Even if it is tempting from a financial point of view.

  2. FIAT was said to be moribund, finished, and now they're buying Chrysler and Jeep, then Peugeot, Citroën, DS, and soon Renault... and when will VAG and Toyota?

    • For Toyota, this will never happen, but it's true that instead of taking over PSA, Exor under Marchionne would have done better to form an alliance with Toyota/Mazda/Subaru. Instead, they took over a group with far too many problems, just to prevent PSA from being dismantled and ending up in China. Holding Peugeot will end up selling its shares and taking the royalties to invest them in Switzerland, and De Meo will take Tavares' place.

  3. A big Panda? Why not call it a Punto instead? I don't really understand the point of making it bigger. Let's hope the extra weight is measured. Otherwise, the look is quite different from the visuals published in recent days. But I like the slightly boxy style, with its nods to the first generation.

  4. This series of concepts is very nice, but we know that the reality will be that of the leaked 3d visuals, which are anything but nice.

  5. Ah, Fiat roadmaps, season 13, Olivier François sauce... Stay tuned yeah!
    Does he really think these big beasts are going to run and be bought in Italy?

    • Street 13
      Here you can see the effects of eating too many hallucinogenic mushrooms 🍄!🤣😂
      "Paaaaaas biiiiiien" as the line from the film le pari said!

      • Pfff... Clearly the Fiat staff have already raided the stock of champis!
        Silly me, given the markets advertised in this humorous little video (Mercosur, Turkey, Algeria...), it's not made in or destined for Italy... Exit Mirafiori eh!

        • Mirafiori will stay but will produce the 500 and its derivatives, which is why I don't understand why the 500 family is migrating to Abarth. In any case, whether they sell or not, I wouldn't be a customer, because I'm not a fan of electric cars of any brand, and the only 2 turbocharged 3-cylinders worth a damn are Toyota and Honda's, as well as Koeniseeg.

  6. Children can make Lego copies, which shouldn't be too difficult...
    Gone are the years of biodesign and aerodynamics?
    Not convinced that change is progress

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