Fiat 500 electric: Stellantis invests 100 million euros to boost sales!


If the Alfa Romeo Milano is in the news, an important announcement concerning the electric 500 went almost unnoticed. On the occasion of a Stellantis of the 240 million in investments for Mirafiori Automotive Park 2030, one item of information targets the electric Fiat 500: it will technically evolve to boost sales. Here's why and how.

While sales of the electric Fiat 500 are stagnant or even declining depending on the country, the Mirafiori production plant has experienced a series of periods of unemployment due to a lack of purchase subsidies.


That's why the news about the future of the electric 500, in particular with the arrival of a possible hybrid combustion version. While this hypothesis cannot be ruled out, Stellantis comes to the rescue of the electric version with an additional investment of 100 million euros for the small city car.

The objective of this investment : develop it technically to make it more attractive. Stellantis understands that it's the price that's holding back sales. As a result of this investment, the electric Fiat 500 will receive a brand-new motor and battery. As well as the price, in the words of Carlos Tavares, greater autonomy. We think this is good news, because this 500 is the only Stellantis car with its own platform, engine and battery.


At the same time, this big announcement opens the door to a number of questions. First and foremost, what about the new 500 on STLA Small? planned for 2027, if in 2024 the Group injects 100 million euros to upgrade its powertrain and battery? Will there be any point in launching it so soon?

Next, which motor and which battery ? Will it be the 100 kw (136 bhp) or even 115 kw (156 bhp) engines already present in the group's other models? As for the battery, will it be the first creation of the Mirafiori Automotive Park's "Battery Technology Center", given that a new "tailor-made" one will be needed for the 500's exclusive platform?


Then, at what price? If the aim is to make the 500 electric more attractive, it should be at least €10,000 cheaper than the 600 electric, which is priced at €35,900. As a reminder, the current 500 electric costs €30,400.

And finally, when? Between investment announcements, developments and tests, when will we see this new 500 on the market?


At least it's the news we've all been waiting for, Stellantis is reacting to support the production of this car in Italy, and that's a good thing.


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  1. Stellantis sticks to its guns on the electric 500! The market will not be buoyant! Electrics are for smaller ranges and city use only! Upcoming Korean and Chinese models will be a hit.
    The 500 new, hybrid thermic with electric body in modern versions, 1st price, Cabrio, Sports, Abarth etc... and then the chains will turn at full speed! Thank you Thank you to you and to everyone!

  2. The 156 hp Abarth 500e model already exists, but its range is just a little short and its price too high.
    The Fiat 500e doesn't need more power, but a better range (especially for the 95 hp model), and a more attractive price, especially when compared with the old-generation Fiat 500 hybrid. On the other hand, a new 500 with a hybrid engine would give a major boost to sales.

    • The electric 500 is powered by a GKN engine, while the group's other models are powered by Emotors, a Stellantis / Nidec (Japan) joint venture. The 155 hp Abarth 500 engine is also a GKN, hence the subtlety of the subject.

      • Thanks for the clarification. But increasing the power of the Fiat 500e's engines would make the Abarth 500e less interesting.
        And then investing in the Fiat 500e to replace it within 3 years would be illogical.
        The problem with the Fiat 500e is well known: its price, its range, and its electric-only offering. Otherwise, it's very good, even better than other city cars.

        • The problem is that the abarth 600 is 240 bhp... so in any case, this abarth 500 with the new engine would probably have to make more than 156 bhp. The ypsilon HF will make 240 too, as will the milano veloce. There's a gap in the range with the current electric Abarth 500.

  3. The Abarth version already has a 155 hp engine, so in a pinch the classic version of the 500e would have the 136 hp engine .... or then the latter but bridled at 120 hp for example, knowing that the new engine is more efficient .... enough to gain a few kms, and even more if with better battery technology.
    if they come out with a new version, the old one will be sold off, or they'll make it an introductory price ..... to match that of the R5e, for example (25,000), but when it comes to performance, the R5e is already ahead of the game.

    • The electric 500 is powered by a GKN engine, while the group's other models are powered by Emotors, a Stellantis / Nidec (Japan) joint venture. The 155 hp Abarth 500 engine is also a GKN, hence the subtlety of the subject.

  4. Are we to understand that Tavares is refusing to release a new 500 "hybrid" and is stubbornly sticking to full-electrics in a bid to keep selling at a high price?

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