Fiat: 2 new products presented in early 2023!

It was in an interview with Corriere della Sera that Carlos Tavares, the CEO of the Stellantis Group and ex-Mr. PSA revealed to our great pleasure that it is not 1 but 2 Fiat which will be revealed at the beginning of 2023!

Fiat: a limited range and a need for new products

It must be said that the Fiat range needs it. Indeed, apart from the very nice 500e which seems to sell well in Europe, the range of the transalpine manufacturer is reduced to the aging Panda (more than 10 years old!) and 500X (8 years old, that is to say an end of life in the ordinary car cycle). The 500 thermal, for its part, has reached 15 years of design despite its updates and restyling in 2015. Finally, the Tipo only exists in a Cross - 5-door or SW version - that is to say in a price range that moves it away from the first smart prices that made it a success...


Therefore, it is urgent for the turinese firm ! We were already anticipating the marketing of a new B-SUV (another one, you might say!), based on the Peugeot 2008 platform and which will also give birth to the Jeep B-SUV in early 2023 and to the future Alfa Romeo B-SUV in 2024 (which some people call Brennero, but without any certainty...)

What will these new models be?

Thus, and to our great joy, Carlos Tavares has just revealed that not 1 but 2 models will be presented (but not necessarily marketed, let's be clear) as soon as early 2023, in just a few months. It's about time! Olivier François, the director of Fiat, will be in charge of the presentations, says Carlos Tavares.


These two models will belong to the B segmentsays the group's big boss. Obviously, if the B-SUV appears certain at 90%What could be the other model?

One inevitably thinks of the new Panda (will it be called that?), which could be inspired by the very successful Centoventi conceptunveiled in Geneva in March 2019. It should indeed grow for the new generation and reach 4 m in lengthor segment B. And 100% electric, probably.


With these two vehicles, which will probably do a lot of good for Fiat's sales and image, the transalpine brand intends to become, as Olivier François puts it, a "Tesla of the peopleguaranteeing low-cost electric cars to make the new technology accessible to all.

Carlos Tavares also announced that Names from the mythical history of the brand such as Uno, Panda and Punto could be reused on this occasion. What are your bets?



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  1. One name comes up a lot for Alfa's SUV... It's Palade.
    For Fiat I can understand that it's vital (as vital to go backwards with the Tipo which was as you so well quote a pleasant access to the range and there Fiat shot itself in the foot).
    For Alfa and Jeep.... No comment!

  2. I put a piece on "Panda", in white it will be perfect (I will put a candle so that it does not look like the failed illustrations of the press but well with the Centoventi concept with 16 inches wheels)...

  3. Fiat needs to get a complete range or at least up to the c segment (Golf, Megane) and equivalent SUV (Captur). I'm tired of seeing kia or Hunday, (now pretty) invading this segment.

    • Except that Fiat had a similar product with the Tipo in terms of reliability. But as usual, as soon as Fiat has an extra product, they let it go, as it was the case recently with the 124.
      Hyundai and Kia have made their reputation (rightly so) on reliability first and design second.
      Fiat for the 500 family has copied the Asian concept for reliability (result it's still a hit after so many years) and should forget the German model which is a chimera and a fraud.
      By copying Hyundai and KIA they will take back their place as number one in Europe.

      • And to make "smart, cheap cars". By pooling research and development with the PSA group on electric motors and batteries, Fiat can concentrate on what it does best: practical, cheerful, well-built cars. Let's leave Peugeot's "tailored suits", i.e. station wagons with no room to move where you hit the roof or the window without a pillar when trying to get in or out of the back, and Citroën's unconventional models. The brand can afford visible recycled materials (while VW can't, since they're supposed to be the kings of foamed plastic) and enhance on-board space while reducing weight by limiting the amount of insulating foam, as well as opting for "modest" rims and a 130-horsepower engine that will improve efficiency. The same goes for the cushioned and reliable elements such as "simple" LED headlights, "simple" door handles that don't open on approach but wait wisely to be manipulated, "simple" level 2 autonomous driving and focusing on their proper functioning.

    • As Switzerland says, Fiat has a Tipo and a 500X. For once, would it be possible to show continuity in order to keep an acquired public by renewing these models instead of always wanting to reinvent the wheel? A 4.40m Tipo 3 could be built on the EMP-2 platform with a 60kWh battery pack, i.e. on the one of the E-Doblò, which will apparently also be declined in light hybridisation next year... As for the e500X, it would be on the right track according to the article above, produced in Poland rather than in Melfi? Or a line would be kept and would receive the batteries assembled in Termoli? After all, it's only two hours away...

      • Recycled materials also exist at the top of the range, which is what made the Fisker Karma such an asset. As for the 500X, nothing prevents them from staying on the Renegade platform, but the 500 family could be divided into two families: performance cars for Abarth and off-road cars for Fiat. The 124 should never have disappeared like the Alfa 4C and migrated as a flagship for Abarth as planned from the start but at FCA as it was at Fiat, they have the syndrome of "you can't see further than the end of your nose" and it's especially time to have competent people in their after-sales services (that's their absolute and catastrophic ⚫️ black spot, they're flat out out out of touch).
        As you quote so well Fredo, I wonder in what delirium Peugeot and Citroën have launched themselves with their high design on legs very difficult to understand and to see in the brands in general (between that and the electric my next purchase will be 2 horses 🐎 and a carriage to do the shopping and go to work). It makes you wonder if they question their customers, which must not be the case... or we don't live on the same planet.
        The more time passes the more I wonder if this marriage with PSA will end in disaster.😖

      • Anyway, since the new Panda family will be in the spirit you just described (cheap intelligent which has been the trademark of Fiat), it's time to migrate the 500 Family under Abarth which would be THE BRAND competing with Mini. Fiat no longer needs to put this kind of product forward when, like the 124 and a 4C version Abarth is missing, really missing Abarth.
        For many people, the 500 is an Abarth and nothing else.
        Fiat promised us a Panda Abarth (since 2003), they did it to us upside down while the potential customer was there and well and truly confirmed (just look at the enthusiasm in Geneva). They did the same thing with the 500X, they removed the 124 (which sold better under the Scorpion).
        I think that Stellantis is a mistake and these 2 groups should have married with an Asian group like Renault did but with more stability because that would have opened to each of them a market that is difficult to break into.
        The mistake of PSA was at the time not to have jumped on the opportunity to buy Venturi which would have done a lot of good to PSA because the image of Venturi at the time, even after its bankruptcy, was of high level like their products which just lacked a "REAL engine" but their chassis was decades ahead of the others to have been able to compare one to Porsche and Ferrari. The proof is the only one that stood up to them... it's the NSX and the 355... everything else was a total mess and the 355 at very high speed is not to be put in all hands, the NSX and the 300 Atlantic even a granny can push it and drive it with her fingers in the nose at more than 250km/h.
        There is one point where Fiat and PSA are in agreement, it's on the number of mistakes they have made that were not captured. The number of failures also because of not having consulted its customers (which is what Toyota, Mazda and Lexus are doing).
        A customer who is consulted and respected is a customer who is won over. This rule has existed since the dawn of time and applies in all fields.

        • The 500 Riva is also legitimate, I have a 500L (for Luxe, ahhh), the 1968 microcitadine of course, not the minivan, with its beautiful chrome moustache and a nice blu navy color, cream interior and matching piping, mahogany gear knob, people stop to take pictures of it. The 500 is also the Dolce Vita... And Fiat must continue to produce beautiful, simply elegant and timeless bodies, next to the modular models of genius architects like the Panda.

    • Not so much in fact, it looks like a 2010 Peugeot in the treatment of the lights and the bumpers... Even if there is a little bit of the 2005 Croma's grille (the restyled version was more beautiful for my taste). And I see that there is no roof clearance in the back, and a Fiat sedan should be beautiful but also spacious and comfortable for families. The moment our favorite manufacturer understands that SUVs are not aerodynamic, and therefore not efficient in terms of electricity, he will move towards family wagons. A market is opening up with the programmed desertion of the specialist Volvo, which is now more interested in China... I'm not sure that Croma is a suitable name, but the idea is there, around 4.75m for 1.80 wide.

      • In fact, it seems that Alfa is making progress, as shown in the recent interview with Auto Express by Jean Philippe Imparato: "What about SUV? What about sedan? What about something in between? Knowing that we will be BEV, the challenge becomes aerodynamics, and knowing that the DNA of Alfa Romeo is sedan, and knowing that the signature of Alfa is sport, the answer is probably not SUV - I want to reinvent sportiness for the 21st Century. Probably no electric SUV 100% at Alfa, and that's good.

  4. - Let's say una ammiraglia Fiat, but who is the clientele interested in this kind of model? An Italian family that doesn't try to impose? If not, we'll probably prefer a Lancia or an Alfa.

  5. And the 127, another mythical car, of which I saw photos of a 127 updated in a very successful way.
    WHY NOT PRODUCE IT. I am sure it will be a success. I will be the first to buy it.

  6. why not fiat Ritmo it would also be a return to the historical that would be a success in its category a cut inspired by the historical form as its time was a little revolutionary

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