Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale versus Maserati MC20, who's the winner?

We continue to cover the subject Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale this time to compare it with its close cousin, the Maserati MC20! With the Alfa Romeo's technical specifications published a few days ago, it's now possible to compare them.

Characteristics: clones

First, let's compare the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale and Maserati MC20 specifications on paper.

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Maserati MC20
Engine3.0L V6 620 hp3.0L V6 630 hp
Gearbox8-speed automatic8-speed automatic
Cx (aerodynamic)0,3750,38
0 to 100 km/h< 3 sec2.9 sec
Maximum speed333 km/h325 km/h
Weight1500 kg1500 kg
Length4,63 m4,67 m
Width (with mirrors)2,17 m2,17 m
Height1,22 m1,22 m
Wheelbase2,7 m2,7 m

As you can see, it's not really surprising - on paper, they're a dead heat. They're no longer cousins, but twins.

The design

Here, it's a matter of taste! The Alfa Romeo's design is probably more Latin, while the MC20 is more track-oriented.


About the living space, in accordance with the wishes of Philippe Imparato, General Manager ofAlfa RomeoI'm glad I don't have a tablet on wheels, the Alfa Romeo has no central screen. Everything happens behind the steering wheel and in the center column. A priori, there doesn't seem to be any multimedia in the 33 Stradale...

On the MC20, on the other hand, there's a central touchscreen that controls multimedia, air conditioning and other information, but it's not integrated into the dashboard, which is a shame.


The price... of scarcity

One of the biggest differences between the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale and the Maserati MC20 is the price! The Alfa Romeo costs from €1.5 million, while the Maserati MC20 costs "only" €245,000.

The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale will be produced in 33 units, all of which have already been sold. The MC20 is available to order.


In the end, the characteristics are similar in terms of performance, engine and dimensions. With Alfa Romeo, you pay for design and rarity.

If you regret not being able to buy an Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, buy a Maserati MC20! You can even take it with all the options...



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    • The MC20 would have deserved a retractable shelf, I agree with you, which would have given more purity to the interior line. Sincerely, there must be customers who own the 2 or 3 for sure, and maybe 4 with the Xtrema version of the MC20, but even as a millionaire I wouldn't take them, because you have to have a circuit to hand to enjoy such diamonds.

    • "Good evening Madioli, Santa's 📞 phone number 🎅 has changed!
      Please call the information department!"
      Tuuuuuut tuuuuuut tuuuuuuuut!!!!😁

  1. I had a thought:
    Considering that on the first examples of the original 33 Stradale, they made 15 cars out of the 50 (12 sold). Why not do as Aston Martin did with the DB or Jaguar with the E-Type, and now finish off the missing 35 by selling them at a premium?
    They'd make a fortune in no time.

  2. I prefer the Alfa Romeo.
    What I reproach with Maserati, it is the 'abitacle which was never well made and that on all the models, one feels a certain coldness an emptiness inside Maseratis.

    • If you drive Maseratis, Mercedes, BMWs, Volvos and Jaguars all the time, well, if there's one interior that's not cold, neutral or elegant... it's Maserati, and the one that's lost the most is Jaguar.
      The Mercedes and BMW interiors are a crying shame.

  3. For the Alfa, a hybrid engine (internal combustion + petrol) will be a welcome addition.
    I don't think we should put all our eggs in one basket. Aiming only at electric motors is not a good idea, especially for sports cars, because the sound and roar of the internal combustion engine will remain the best artillery, and that's what we want to hear in this type of car, not the sound of a bee passing over an electric motor.

  4. The Maserati's signature is perfectly integrated into the overall design, which suits it like a glove, whereas the 33's signature is missed because it's too omnipresent and poorly integrated into the line.

  5. Very beautiful cars, the 2 are exceptional, the only defect of all these hypercars it is for a use on open roads? That's a problem, and then there's an important point: buy who you can, but you can't be a driver if you don't want to be. These are not ordinary vehicles, and you need hours and hours of driving to know how to drive them, otherwise they stay in the garage and you speculate.

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