Abarth: registrations for France in January 2024

If there's one brand that has become opaque in terms of registrations in recent years, it's Abarth. After many successful years with the 595, 695 and 124, the sporty little brand went electric in 2023 with the new 500. Priced at €43,000 at launch, it is now available from €36,900. Here, without further ado, are the Abarth registration figures.

Abarth registered 105 cars in France in January 2024. A decent figure, given that this car's 155hp price/performance ratio is not necessarily to its advantage. This is what a Peugeot e-208 offers...


Even if this brand is not destined to grow in volume, still a far cry from the brand's best years which sold up to 25,000 units a year, across Europe, in 2017, 2018 and 2019. It will be interesting to follow its evolution over the rest of the year.

If you've been following the news, you'll have noticed that the Abarth 500 will very soon be completed by the Abarth 600which will offer no less than 240 hp in 4-wheel drive. It remains to be seen whether Stellantis will decide to offer an Abarth version for all new Fiat models... next in line, the Panda?



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  1. If there's one brand that could disappear, it's Fiat, because Abarth can take its place all over the world right now, and get rid of DS for a Citroën revival. That would mean 2 brands less. I'm not saying this maliciously, but Fiat got rid of its name for CNH in the agricultural sector, and that hasn't stopped them from being number 1 for decades.

    • I don't necessarily agree with that. Abarth has a sporty image that Fiat doesn't have.
      Fiat's cars are far more affordable and practical. Fiat remains very strong in certain countries, including South America.
      Fiat is the image of the popular car in Italy and other countries, and it would be a mistake to make this brand disappear.

  2. Sales of 105 Abarth 500e are still modest.
    Having owned two Abarths, I find it hard to be seduced by the 500e, whose power is too modest, and whose top speed is even more so (155 km/h).
    I would have thought about going back and buying an Abarth with 50 more bhp and better range. However, during the test drive I did before the summer, I found it not so bad in town.
    An Abarth is first and foremost a noise and character, as I had with the Record Monza exhaust system, then with the Akrapovic in the 695 biposto. The sound generator is better than nothing, but it's artificial.

  3. Bonjour et merci pour votre travail au moins il y a quelque chose qui m'interpelle dans vos chiffres en effet il y a une série limitée scopionissima qui est sold out (1949 exemplaires) je ne parle pas des autres versions vendus et vous ecrivez que seulement 1000 seront en sirculation fin janvier , jaimai connaître votre source informations pour faire remonter mon incompréhension avec les chiffres ( ou alors l'explications la plus simple est que vous donnent uniquement les chiffres france et non européens comme mentionné merci de nous éclairer

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