Abarth 600: first photo of the body-built little SUV!

UPDATE: here's the first official photo! Abarth takes the lead and specifies that this Abarth 600 " Hypnotic Purple "will soon be seen in a commercial on the streets of Milan.

WhileAbarth had shared with us official photos of the 600 in heavy camouflage, a first shot revealing its bodywork has just been leaked on instagram with the cochespias account.


In this photo, there are many interesting elements to observe, such as the front bumper and rear spoiler, both of which look very aerodynamicIn addition to the yellow and blue hues already seen on the Abarth 500, there's also a new violet color.

As a reminder, this Abarth 600 will be 100 % electric and should offer no less than 240 hp. We also know that the braking kit will be improved, not to mention that inside, the brand promises a racing atmosphere with adapted upholstery.



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  1. The Abarth 600e looks lower than the Fiat 600e, and more muscular. Looks good too.
    At 155 hp and 155 km/h, the Abarth 500e seems quite modest compared with the 240 hp Abarth 600e.

    • There are plenty of reputable suppliers who can lower the 600 and offer engine preparation programs as well, not to mention the possibility of switching to ethanol at 0.85€/liter. You'll find a lot of them around here.

  2. She's got promise, but I didn't expect so much! And that "hypnotic purple" is really nice. I've read that it will be in 4WD, can you confirm that?

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