Abarth 695: a limited edition to celebrate the brand's 75th anniversary, exclusively in Italy

WhileAbarth is getting ready to blow out its 75th birthday, the Scorpion brand is unveiling a nice surprise: the Abarth 695 75th Anniversary Edition. A series limited to just 1,368 units, a nod to the displacement of its legendary 1.4 T-Jet engine. Exclusive to Italy, a touch of regret for French enthusiasts?

The Abarth 695 75th Anniversary Edition is much more than just a car: it's a rolling tribute to the history and success of a brand that has left its mark on the automotive industry. The 1.4 T-Jet engine, supercharged by a Garrett GT 1446 turbochargerpromises breathtaking performance: 180 ch, 250 Nm of torque, and an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.7 seconds. All under the emblematic sound of Record Monza exhaust system with active valve.


In terms of design, the Abarth 695 75th Anniversary leaves no one indifferent. The golden scorpion on the roof, on a black background, symbolizes the brand's power and elegance. Exclusive 17-inch gold alloy wheels, 305×28 mm ventilated and drilled brake discs clamped by Brembo calipers, not to mention tinted glass and gold logos, give this limited edition a unique character.

Inside, the exclusivity continues with a black Alcantara dashboard, from Sabelt-specific carbon seats and Alcantara inserts that add a touch of sportiness. The state-of-the-art equipment, with its 7″ DAB radio, 7″ TFT digital display, and CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, offers a modern driving experience.


It's with a touch of regret that this marvel will not be crossing the Alps to reach French enthusiasts. A decision that underlines Abarth France's desire to concentrate on electric models. A pity for those who would have dreamed of seeing this limited edition on the roads of France.


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  1. It's a regret that we won't hesitate to make up for by importing this model when it becomes available second-hand, thus avoiding the damned Made in France sectarian malus tax 🇫🇷!

  2. The Abarth 695 75th Anniversary is without doubt the last thermal Abarth, with its exciting engine and superb Record Monza exhaust system.
    It won't be the same with just the Abarth 500e and 600e.

  3. Fortunately, I agree with Ced's comment about importing these models.
    However, knowing that the coastline will be stratospheric, the resulting rates will follow....
    But, because there is a but, it will be the last one, and the ribs will last.

  4. With the advent of electric cars (which I personally find completely stupid...), combustion-powered cars each offer the ultimate in automotive engineering in their own segment. And it's only now that some assholes in their ministries have decided otherwise....

    • But don't forget the Greens! The zad ecologists, all those on TV and in the comfortable armchairs of Europe!!! who preach the end of the Worlds! France alone will save the planet! When you turn on the TV and see the rest of the world !,,
      But excuse us, we can't stand all these BOBO Gauchos! They've killed the car industry and manufacturers are letting their guard down, except in Germany (....)! Thank you Thank you thank you!

  5. A bombshell, too bad it looks too much like the Scorpione Oro edition. But good look at the F595-type vertical exhausts.
    When I see everything that's coming out and the limited choice we're going to have, I'm quite happy to keep my 595C! Hopefully, it'll appreciate in value as a result.

    • It's going to increase in value, Jérôme, if you do a proper follow-up with invoices, pamper it and don't exceed 100,000km. It'll go up a lot, but don't hesitate to keep it warm under a tarpaulin and take it out from time to time. It's a sure bet for a successful price rise 👍

    • For that, no problem, it's going to increase in value Jérôme, if you follow the rules with supporting invoices 🧾, pamper it and don't exceed 100,000km. It'll skyrocket, but don't hesitate to park it in a warm place under a tarpaulin and take it out from time to time. You're guaranteed a successful price rise 👍
      (Sorry for the mistakes but it's that damn Apple autocorrect 🤬)!

      • It's possible that some specific thermic cars will increase in value. I sold my 695 biposto too soon (less than 2 years ago), it had the potential to increase in value. It cost me next to nothing, and I sold it for almost what I paid for it, but I should have waited.
        Less than 2 weeks ago at Retromobiles, an Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari sold for €48,000.

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