Maserati Ghibli: game over in 2024


Grant Barling, Managing Director of Maserati Australia, said in an interview that the Maserati Ghibli will disappear from the world market in 2024. The V8 twin-turbo will also take the opportunity to disappear.

It is thus planned to merge the current Ghibli and Quattroporte into a single sedan to replace both of them. The future Quattroporte7th of the name, will however have a shorter size and wheelbase than the current one and therefore similar to the GhibliThis will bring it down a notch in terms of size compared to the current limousine.


The next Quattroporte (planned for 2025) will be available in particular (exclusively?) in 100% electricalLike the future Levante, for that matter.

The current Ghibli, which appeared in 2013, is facing the slowdown in the sedan market and the appeal of SUVs.


To be continued...


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  1. This car should have been released under the Lancia brand (Thesis), and I don't understand why they don't make two different sizes of the future Quattroporte because shortening it is a big mistake from Stellantis and one that customers might not forgive.
    We are swimming in total delirium because even if the design of the current Quattroporte has a tarabiscoté front design as far as the wheelbase and interior space is concerned it is this kind of product that customers who buy them because often driven by a driver (I am well placed to know). 🤨

    • It is quite possible that the length of the model will decrease without reducing the space on board thanks to the use of an electric platform. Are we sure about the wheelbase reduction?

      • I can't imagine what the design will be like. Having 2 dimensions on a limousine all the brands do it so I don't see why Maserati would be deprived of it, which allows to reach a wider clientele and especially more inclined to this kind of product without mentioning the financial margin that results from it.

        • The Ghibli is still 5 meters long and 2 meters wide, so there's enough room to design a nice car if it's not too high... Maybe a longer Chinese version will exist, but still, the Quatroporte V was less wide and not longer and it was very elegant (and rather appreciated in the movie Intouchables).

  2. The Quattroporte 5 had just one black spot: not having a longer version next to the base version which is a high performance version and sales would have been much better. It's not only the Chinese who appreciate the XXL version but also a large clientele who like to stroll easily in the back. When you see the size of the Ghibli and its rear space, you are not in that world. Two versions are essential and even vital for a manufacturer like Maserati who is one of the biggest specialists of Limousines since decades and a L version allows to acquire a clientele who quickly gets attached to this kind of products and who has a portfolio able to defy the chronicle by allowing itself to add If more Quattroporte's are not sold, it's because of that, but to understand it, you have to be in contact with this kind of customer who buys the short version for their personal needs and the long version for the image (linked to professional needs), Not to mention that the L would have the advantage of offering a product suitable for international organizations, embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions, which is an ideal showcase for this type of product as Mercedes and Jaguar have proven for decades.

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