Maserati murdered by the French 2024 ecological malus!

Maserati hits the wall in France!

You already know that, sales of Maserati in France are not at their best. The trident brand has lost 90 % of its sales since its peak in 2016. sales are in free fall, with only 64 registrations in the first half of 2023.

And it won't be helped by the new ecological malus plan to be applied in France in 2024. Already hard hit, the brand could count on the Grecale to breathe a little easier... but it will soon be cut off in 2024. 100 % from the Maserati range will be subject to the maximum ecological penalty, i.e. €60,000!

co2 WLTPMalus 20232024 surcharge
Maserati Grecale GT 300 hp199 g21 171 €60 000 €
Maserati Grecale Modena 330 hp mhev203 g24 472 €60 000 €
Maserati Grecale Trofeo V6 530 hp254 g50 000 €60 000 €
Maserati Levante GT 330 hp mhev220 g42 431 €60 000 €
Maserati Levante Modena 350 hp284 g50 000 €60 000 €
Maserati Levante Modena S 430 hp272 g50 000 €60 000 €
Maserati Levante Trofeo V8 580 hp317 g50 000 €60 000 €
Maserati Ghibli GT 330 hp mhev186 g12 552 €35 346 €
Maserati Ghibli Modena V6 350 hp242 g50 000 €60 000 €
Maserati Ghibli Modena V6 430 hp251 g50 000 €60 000 €
Maserati Ghibli Trofeo V8 580 hp279 g50 000 €60 000 €
Maserati Quattroporte GT V6 350 hp243 g50 000 €60 000 €
Maserati Quattroporte Modena V6 430 hp253 g50 000 €60 000 €
Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo V8 580 hp276 g50 000 €60 000 €
Maserati Granturismo Modena V6 490 hp230 g50 000 €60 000 €
Maserati Granturismo Trofeo V6 550 hp230 g50 000 €60 000 €

Let's be clear right away: without a PHEV version (which is not planned) and without the Folgore (which we've been told will be even later), Maserati isn't likely to sell many models in France in 2024...., even though it's already the only car on the market to be sold in France. the 14th buyer country in the first half of 2023.

And the other Italian brands?

Among the other Italian brands, Fiat avoids the malus thanks to small mhev engines. As for Abarth's only internal combustion model, it's still acceptable.


As far as Alfa Romeo is concerned, the petrol versions of the Giulia and Stelvio are significantly impacted, unless the brand manages to reduce co2 emissions by 2024...

Finally, Ferrari's PHEV models are doing well. Especially the 296 GTB, priced at just over €300,000. For the SF90 at over €500,000, the malus is probably not a significant criterion... Lamborghini's only PHEV model has not yet communicated its co2 emissions.

co2 WLTPMalus 20232024 surcharge
Fiat 500 70 hp mhev106 g0 €0 €
Fiat 500X 130 hp mhev122 g0 €150 €
Fiat Panda 70 hp mhev109 g0 €0 €
Fiat Tipo 130 hp mhev116 g0 €0 €
Abarth 695 Turismo 180 hp162 g3 552 €4 818 €
Alfa Romeo Tonale 130 hp mhev134 g280 €450 €
Alfa Romeo Tonale 280 hp PHEV29 g0 €0 €
Alfa Romeo Giulia 160 hp diesel130 g210 €310 €
Alfa Romeo Giulia 280 hp petrol173 g6 724 €11 803 €
Alfa Romeo Stelvio 160 hp diesel150 g1 504 €2 049 €
Alfa Romeo Stelvio 280 hp petrol191 g15 509 €48 901 €
Ferrari 296 GTB V6 830 hp PHEV149 g1 386 €2 049 €
Ferrari SF90 Stradale V8 1000 hp PHEV164 g4 026 €5 404 €
Other Ferrari50 000 €60 000 €
Lamborghini Revuelto V12 1015 hp PHEV?
Other Lamborghinis50 000 €60 000 €


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      • You're right, but it's the end of combustion sports cars for all brands, and they're all throwing in the towel in France. We've definitely hit rock bottom!
        If I were a Maserati, I'd leave France altogether!

        • That's probably what they're going to do. The same goes for the Ford Mustang, whose malus (60,000) is higher than the price of the car, as for the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. We'll all be driving a Twingo or a Chinese electric car. But if that's the price we have to pay to "save" the planet...

      • Once again, the slightest automobile pleasure is taxed, and radically so!!! Should we ride our bikes to avoid being taken for "cash cows"?
        These taxes are unacceptable and totally contrary to common sense. Our government's thinking heads would do better to look at themselves and set an example!!!!

        • They don't care, because they're a mafia that deprives itself of nothing, and they're just there to make the French do their bidding and turn them into modern-day slaves. That's why so many French people are leaving France 🇫🇷 and I advise you all to do the same as soon as possible. Or all of you stop paying your bills 🧾 and then they'll be in agony in not even a week!!!!
          This was demonstrated in the 90s!

  1. Most slightly more powerful internal combustion cars will be massacred by the 2024 malus.
    Allow me to add for the Giulia 2.0 280 hp Competizione or Veloce: 182 and 181 g of CO2 respectively, i.e. a penalty of €2,6302 and €2,4291, instead of just over €10,000 this year. In other words, there will be no more buyers for these models.
    The French government has decided to kill off the sale of new cars with any kind of performance, but not electric ones. As for Maseratis and Alfa Quadrifoglios, with €60,000 deducted from their price, you might as well say they've been withdrawn from sale in France.
    Is there no way of registering these cars with foreign plates? If not, we'll be left with only the second-hand market for anything other than an electric scooter.

  2. There's one car on the list you can buy: the Ferrari 296 GTB V6 830 hp PHEV. Only €2,049 deducted from the price, so there's no need to go without.
    What's more, I've read the trials and it looks like a marvel.

  3. Hello, I'd like to know about the malus in Italy. I own a house in Italy and with this absurd tax system I'm thinking of buying this type of car in Italy rather than in France. Could you please let me know what difficulties I will encounter in purchasing the registration in Italy and managing the use of the vehicle between the 2 countries. Thank you in advance.

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