Lancia: all the information on the future Ypsilon 2024

A new era dawns for Lancia with the imminent launch of the new Ypsilon 2024, a model that will have the onerous task of relaunching the Italian brand. Here's everything we know about it.

The next generation of the Lancia Ypsilon, code name L21is preparing to enter the automotive market with a bold proposal. Planned for a series production from April 2024, This city car will be launched in hybrid and electric versions.


The Ypsilon 2024 will be produced at the Stellantis plant in Figueruelas, Spain, sharing its birthplace with well-known models such as the Peugeot e-208 and the Opel e-Corsa. This strategic decision testifies to Lancia's integration into the Stellantis ecosystem and its desire to align itself with the Group's production standards.


The first pre-production model has already seen the light of day in August 2023offering a glimpse of what Lancia has in store for some of its factory workers. With a planned annual production of 60,000 units, Lancia is positioning the Ypsilon with great ambitions for the market, aiming to compete with successful models such as its cousin Peugeot 208, which recorded 200,000 registrations in 2022.


According to our information, Lancia will be present in 6 European countries. There will be around 40 Lancia sales outlets in Italy, 20 in France and 10 in Belgium.

lancia range

The Lancia Ypsilon HF, scheduled for 2025will be the high-performance version of the city car. With its 240 hpPowered by a second electric motor, this sporty version is inspired by the technology of the Jeep Avenger 4xe (scheduled for 2024). Lancia is not content to follow the trends of its cousins with a sedate 156 hp version, but with the HF it promises a dynamic driving experience.


For those interested, the first episode of a documentary: Lancia, the story of a rebirth.


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  1. Good news for the new Ypsilon.
    I really like the Lancia brand, and a long time ago I even had a Ypsilon as a 2nd car that I had bought from a relative. It was a
    80 hp, not really high performance, but very good for city and leisure driving.
    Lancia is Italian elegance and luxury (although I know that in the 80s and 90s it was also sportiness with the Delta Integrale and the Stratos).
    To see what Lancia stands for and see many Lancias from all eras, you have to visit the Heritage Hub in Turin, as I did last January.

  2. Add to that the 037 and the MonteCarlo, the latter of which had only one flaw: it lacked around 50 hp, given how well-designed the chassis is. Just like the Honda NSX Evo1 to 3, whose chassis was designed for 500hp, not 300hp.

    • I have no problem agreeing with you on this point. According to the latest news from the Haute Savoie newspaper, there is already a group of over 15,000 buyers who have contacted a lawyer and are in the process of putting together a collective complaint which will be presented shortly. In short, the problems are starting because PSA is refusing to take responsibility for their rotten engine, and are turning a deaf ear, supposedly because they've now replaced it with a chain, but the oil consumption is still disastrous (it consumes more than a rotary piston engine, which is pure madness).

  3. Thanks for this information, personally I'm expecting a lot from Lancia after the very nice concept. As far as Alfa is concerned, it's possible that the "Brennero" will benefit from the 240 hp, but that won't take away its ungainly lines, which have little or nothing to do with the brand's history...

  4. As far as the Ypsilon is concerned, I hope they've had the good sense to add 5 cm more than the 208, so as to have proper access to the rear, and in the absence of a compact car for several years to come... I don't dare hope for a frunk, even if it would be an obvious choice given the small boot capacity.

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