Lamborghini on course for an all-time record: figures for the first half of 2023

After Maserati and Ferrari, it's the turn of Lamborghini to unveil its figures for the 1st half of 2023. And as for the other 3 luxury brands, the figures are very good and, if the trend continues, could enable Lamborghini to break the 10,000 sales barrier for the first time in the brand's history in 2023.

All the figures are green: more sales, more turnover, more profits. And Lamborghini is expecting a very good second half of 2023, thanks to the launch of the new Lamborghini Revueltoreplacement for the Aventador.


The good thing about Lamborghini is that it's one of the only brands to give details of sales by country (and also by model, with annual figures).

Of the 5,341 deliveries in the first half of 2023, Europe leads with 2,285 cars, North America is second with 1,199 cars, and Asia-Pacific closes the gap with 1,199 cars.


If we look at the top 6 countries, the USA in the lead, followed by the UK, Germany, China, Japan and Italy.

Next, let's compare Lamborghini with other Italian luxury car brands. The bull is still at around 1,500 prancing-horse cars, with half as many sales. Yet on the profit side, it's "only" at 200 million. Lamborghini is clearly the most profitable luxury brand. It also generates more sales than Maserati, but with three times fewer sales...

H1 2023 SALESH1 2023 SALESEARNINGS H1 2023
Maserati15 3001.3 billion€121 million
Ferrari6 9592.9 billion€631 million
Lamborghini5 3411.42 billion456 million

Between them, they represent sales of 5.6 billion euros. in the first half of 2023. Not bad! We can't wait until the end of 2023 to find out whether the 10,000 sales milestone will be reached!

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  1. Lamborghini, like Ferrari, should set a maximum quota of 10,000 cars and never exceed it, in order to maintain exclusivity while increasing reliability and independence.
    But we can say that the brand is on the right track, and it's great to see it soon in endurance racing.

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