Fiat Punto: the return in 2023!

The mythical Fiat Punto should make its return by 2023 announced Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, to the delight of all.

30 years old, that's how old the first Fiat Punto will be in 2023. The perfect year for Stellantis to show us the 4th generation of the Fiat Punto.


Launched in 1993 as the first model in the range, the Punto was a dazzling success from the start. It was voted European Car of the Year in 1995, beating out the Volkswagen Polo and the Opel Omega B, no less. Designed by the great Giorgetto Giugiaro, who at the time had already designed more than thirty vehicles for more than twenty car brands.

The Fiat Punto has had a very long life, through several phases and restylings, until 2018.

Fiat Punto II, Phase 1 (1999)

After a new model released in 1999, with the Punto II, the brand continues to be a major player in the B segment of multi-purpose vehicles, and still achieves as many sales. But in 2005, the brand is going to put all its energy into the Fiat 500, and, despite the release of the Punto III (or Grande Punto) the same year, Fiat wants to put the new 500 at the top of the bill. This strategy paid off, as the Fiat 500 was the brand's powerhouse for 15 years.

What about the Grande Punto? Produced from 2005 to 2018, it will be found in various versions and finishes, Punto Evo, Punto Cult, Punto MY2012. The model is at the end of its life, until the complete end of production in 2018.

Fiat Punto Evo (2009)

The merger of PSA and FCA in 2021 (Stellantis), allowed the group to rework their strategy.

From here was born the choice to update the Fiat Punto. It should be marketed in 2023 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the range. Pictures have been leaked on the internet, where the fourth generation looks very similar to the Fiat Argo, but nothing has been made official yet about its design. It will probably be based on the CMP platform used in the Peugeot 208 and its cousins.


There is no doubt that the merger that created Stellantis is a very good thing for Fiat to get back to its roots. And we look forward to seeing a Fiat compete again in the multipurpose car segment.

Models Years of production
Punto I Phase 11993-1997
Punto I Phase 2 1997-1999
Punto II Phase 1 1999-2003
Punto II Phase 2 2003-2006
Punto III or Grande Punto2005-2018
Punto IV2023 ?
Different models, and years of production of the Fiat Punto.



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  1. I hope they will have the intelligence to offer a large trunk like the Skoda Fabia and a real differentiating style...

  2. - Hello, here I am again. In 2023, I'll be spoiled. Well, we have to wait until then. The Opel Corsa came out very quickly after the 208 II, without waiting for ages.

  3. The Opel Corsa is a clone of the 208, except for a few interior adjustments. It must be said that Opel is not a real manufacturer, like Seat. In principle, the Punto should be part of the Centoventi family, which is fortunate when you're interested in headroom, accessibility and trunk space, given the much more cubic profile.

  4. For 2950€, I just bought a 1995 convertible, in great condition.
    I just need to change the shocks and the exhaust line, which will be done tomorrow.
    Already, despite its 105,000km, its engine and gearbox are working perfectly, the interior and exterior as well as the hood are completely renovated and the underside free of corrosion, except for a little surface rust on the front suspension arms, which went away with a few brush strokes.
    For less than 5000€ after these last repairs, I think I own a little jewel, which has already given me, in 15 days, a huge pleasure, in the sun of Portugal.

  5. Tomorrow there is a press conference at 5:30 pm broadcasted on the official YT channel to talk about the future of the brand... I hope we will have good news for the continuation of the Centoventi project.

    • I'm going to look back on this conference, which started with a nice movie about Turin and the historical factory of the brand, the Lingotto, with an electric 500 driving through the streets of the city: Ginevra Elkann, the granddaughter of G. Agnelli and sister of Lapo and John - the current boss of the group - opened the speeches from the helicopter platform of the famous building. Everything was done to link the moment to the brand's heritage, and undoubtedly mark a form of family solidarity. She welcomed the guests, including the mayor of Turin, to the "house" - as we will see later on the metaphor will be spun around the garden. On this occasion she was able to recall the creation of the Pinacoteca by her grandparents, created by Renzo Piano and which she has directed since 2006. She then expanded her remarks on the garden that has taken its place on the test track, and which will now be open to all, then to the electric Fiat 500 and its Casa, symbol of "renewal" where it all began. We see them coming, the ideas of local inclusion, respect for the environment and sustainable development are perfectly brought. Olivier François took over to present again the 500 product, not only made of tangible but also of history, culture, art, "made of Italy". Everything that makes the success of the 500 (and its unreasonable price some would say). A reminder was given of the opening of an "e-village" in Turin dedicated to electric mobility in 2020 and of the smart grid project underway in Mirafiori. The last part of the conference was centered around the arrival of Bono, the singer of U2, who came to co-present the 500 (product)RED, also red like the iPhone of the same name. The sales of this model should contribute to a fund dedicated to the fight against pandemics - AIDS but also Covid. The car was the enemy, Fiat makes it a solution. It is remarkable and even if these people are sitting on a pile of gold with incredible potential, it must be noted that they have started working and have made good progress, as the vision seems coherent. We tremble for long minutes with the audience who must cross all the fingers available so that he does not slip so much he seems in a second state (it is perhaps the only one at his disposal) but by giving up a last question he releases all this small world, the communication is perfect. Now it's time to do the rest. A 500X with "One Pedal" driving on an e-CMP base with a 60kWh battery seems to me to be the right choice...

  6. And we're not talking about the end of production of the Uno!😪
    For those who still have one, it can be cool!
    Congratulations again to your site
    Viva Uno Tie

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