Fiat Panda: the 4th generation becomes clearer!

Fiat is moving towards a forced electrification and the Centoventi Concept, presented in March 2019 (already!) seems to be the basis of inspiration for the next Fiat PandaThe 3rd and current generation has already blown its 10 candles!

Also, the renewal of this very Italian success has no room for error and visibly focuses the attention of the brand within the new structure Stellantis.


Thanks to Olivier FrançoisHe revealed to British journalists that he is the head of the Fiat brand. He revealed to the British journalists ofAutoexpress that the new Panda range would be based on the spirit of the 80's rangethe famous and much revered box of tricks with undeniable success. Or a robust, simple and economical vehicle.

He thus states that'"there will be a future for the Panda, because I think that's what makes Fiat so unique. Fiat doesn't exist without the Panda or the 500."He then added that "The last 500 is high-end, full of options and priced at 30,000 euros, but the day I present the future Panda, I will probably do the opposite, with an entry-level vehicle at an incredible price."


The future Panda IV could therefore be available as a regular city car but also as an SUV version, a bit like the current CityCross. The platform should logically be the CMP of the former PSA groupwhich is already the basis for the 208 and the 2008. So there will be an electric version. Will there be a combustion version? Not sure for the moment.

To make its new Panda affordable, Fiat would bet on minimal design and simple customizations. The "4U" program, unveiled with the Centoventi concept, would be part of the package. This will allow buyers to choose between four different roof, bumper, fender and paint customizations, not to mention a customized dashboard inside.


To be continued, then...


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  1. The merger with Stellantis, unequivocally announces a depersonalization and a loss of identity of the Italian brands of the Fiat group. That the platforms are common, very well... PSA knows how to make quality chassis. The Italian engines, petrol or diesel, will most certainly disappear too, it's a disaster! The Italians have always produced efficient and reliable engines. The generalized electrification of the "automobile" is an ecological disaster, 10 times more polluting to manufacture, very complicated to recycle for the batteries, a staggering cost for their replacement, and a life cycle 3 times shorter than an internal combustion vehicle... As a well-informed consumer of Fiat or Alfa Romeo, I am certain that I will no longer be able to find a vehicle that corresponds to my needs, and above all, to my pleasure! I have no desire to drive a ghostly car, a French engineering clone, having lost all the specificity and originality of the design that only the Italians know how to do, and where there will be Italian, more than the logo ... !!!

    • What a rant! Well, do you recognize the new Peugeot 308 in the new Opel Astra or in the DS4? Do you see the Peugeot 2008 in the Opel mokka? Or does the Citroën C5 Aircross look like the Peugeot 3008?
      In each segment, Skoda, Seat and Volkswagen have many elements in common and yet they are not alike! Should we leave Alfa Romeo and Lancia in lack of novelty.... (not to mention Chrysler in the USA). Carlos Tavares is giving the 14 Stellantis brands a 10-year period to prove themselves, so let's not break the endgame round before we see how each brand will be faithful or not faithful to its rich past. Chrysler's cloning was used by Fiat, let's not forget, but that's not the goal of the new group. The gains will be in the use of platforms and elements not determined in common, not in the cloning of bodies / cockpits / undercarriage settings ....

  2. I don't believe in this sharing either, nor in a return of this brand, or rather I don't believe in it anymore.
    And sorry, but when I see a seat, a skoda, I see an Audi.
    I got back a company car, it's a c3 aircross rather well equipped. It's a piece of junk, badly finished. 50000 km, and no stop at the garage.
    I've been driving an Alfa for 30 years, with 500's for my wife since it came out, we've never had that with any vehicle we've owned.
    Between electricity, which will make people lose their personality, platforms, tablets that replace real dashboards, and this fashion for vans, the automobile will become a standardized product. It's all over for the passion, and for the Alfa
    That's how it is

    • Totally agree with david31 and Hhh. I will keep my little diesel as long as possible. Electrification is not inevitable, we'll talk about it in 10 years. It's not progress, it's ideology

  3. And I add this: by ideology, I mean of course punitive ideology. Why not make photovoltaic car pavilions, according to the same principle as the Martian robots? In summer or in good weather, the cost of consumption will be almost zero.

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