Fiat 500 electric: here's how much it loses in value in 1 year

As detailed in a previous article, a particularly worrying phenomenon is emerging in the rapid depreciation in the value of electric vehicles. This observation, striking in its generality, spares few models, and the Fiat 500 electric is no exception.

We have analyzed the prices of the used Fiat 500 electric, with its 87 kW (118 hp) engine and less than 15,000 km on the odometer, which perfectly illustrates this trend.


The brand-new 2024 model is valued at €33,900. However, a look back reveals an abrupt drop in its value on the used market: €24,000 in 2023, €19,000 in 2022, and €17,500 in 2021. On average, this is equivalent to a 30 % loss in value in the first yearThis trend is unlikely to improve over time, with an estimated devaluation of 50 % after 5 years.

Fiat 500e 87 kW
2024 (new)33 900 €
202324 000 €
202219 000 €
202117 500 €
202020 000 €

Note: in 2020, many well-equipped La Prima or Icone Plus models, in 2021, 2022 many Icone models and in 2023, many bargains with models with less than 3000 km.


This price trend reflects a changing market, where the supply of new, ever more efficient and technologically advanced electric vehicles, is exerting constant pressure on existing models. Attractive alternatives, such as the forthcoming Fiat Panda and Citroën e-C3, priced at around €20,000, intensify this dynamic, making older models less desirable, despite their low mileage and near-new condition.

Faced with this reality, a number of questions arise for potential buyers. Is it wiser to invest in a new electric model?Is it a good idea to buy a new car, knowing that it will quickly lose its value, or would it be more advantageous to turn to the second-hand market, potentially rich in bargains?


However, these figures need to be put into perspective, with over 23,000 electric Fiat 500s sold in France by 2023, while, according to Centrale, only 1,500 models will be on the used market between 2020 and 2023. We'll have to wait for the end of LOA and LLD contracts to get a clearer picture.


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    • Inflated sales price with government subsidies
      It is therefore normal for the resale price, which no longer takes this into account, to fall sharply.
      In addition to the rapid evolution of emerging technology on the automotive market, which is rapidly becoming obsolete....
      Why didn't you expand on these factual elements?
      A light treatment
      Contrary to vehicle prices and fleet management, which is not at all ecological, but still quickly leads to economic management in favor of manufacturers.

    • In your comments you do not say or you forget that the first year there is the counting of 20% of VAT thank you for mentioning it kindly

  1. I've got a new one, and I'm in no hurry to sell it. It's too practical in town and for everyday use, economical and a great toy to drive.

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