As expected, the Fiat Panda becomes Pandina and evolves

The legendary Fiat Panda begins a new chapter in its history. In line with expectations, Fiat a officially transformed the Panda into an improved, technologically advanced version, christened the Fiat Pandina.

Presented on February 29, the new Fiat Pandina special series pays tribute to the first-generation Panda introduced on the same day in 1980. Olivier François, CEO of FIAT, expressed his pride at the press conference, highlighting the unwavering love of Italians for the Panda, or "Pandina" as it is affectionately known. This affection has guided Fiat in its decision to continue production of the Pandina at the Pomigliano d'Arco plant in southern Italy (which also produces the Alfa Romeo Tonale) until at least 2027, with a production increase of 20 % to meet growing demand. An announcement that will reassure the Italian trade unions.


The new Pandina is more technological and safer. It incorporates state-of-the-art ADAS, a digital instrument panel and a redesigned steering wheel. These improvements are combined with features designed to optimize urban and extra-urban driving, such as advanced emergency braking and lane-keeping assistance.

Beyond its technology, the Pandina is also a tribute to design and comfort, with a new dashboard painted white, seats adorned with the "Pandina" logo and meticulous aesthetic details reflecting the user-friendliness and functionality that have always characterized the Panda. Visit new color options, including Positano Yellow and two-tone combinations, add a touch of originality to its appearance. It also retains the old Fiat logo...


We still don't know whether this Fiat Pandina will keep its attractive price of €13,600 following these various evolutions and, above all, whether it will be able to meet the demands of the market. whether it will be marketed in France. The press release announces that it will be available in most European countries. But we've seen that while the Abarth combustion engine is available in some countries, only the electric version is available in France. The future Panda, due to be presented in July 2024, will be 100 % electric, and could be the only model in the catalog. We have requested confirmation from Fiat France.


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  1. By extending the Fiat Panda into the Pandina, Fiat realized that full electrification of the range was not viable in many countries, including Italy.
    Let's hope other Italian Stellantis brands come to the same conclusion.

  2. My 7th fiat panda cross 4×4 turbo diesel multijet is an indispensable tool for me as a freelance nurse. How to obtain and keep the quality of this product (comfort, safety, driving pleasure, everywhere....)

  3. The electric car, which has been decreed by the public authorities without taking into account the needs of drivers or the opinions of specialists, is already proving to be a short-term solution, given the disadvantages that drivers are beginning to discover, notably price and range. Reducing CO2 emissions by continuing to use internal combustion engines was automatically ruled out. The use of hydrogen-powered engines offers many advantages over electric cars. The Japanese (Toyota, Honda) and Koreans (Hyundai) seem convinced of the reliability of hydrogen and are investing heavily in it, currently developing hydrogen engines with convincing results. I believe that the electric car will be the biggest scam of the 21st century.

    • Electric cars, compressed air and hydrogen are the future, thermal vehicles are a thing of the past and cars in the city are also a thing of the past, banning them in the city would leave room for soft mobility and fluid public transport, the future in the city is closed to motorized vehicles except emergency vehicles and non-thermal public transport.

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