Ferrari: record sales in 2023, while limiting sales

In addition to the extraordinary Lewis Hamilton to join Scuderia Ferrari for the 2025 seasonwas also the day of the presentation of financial results Ferrari for 2023. As you'd expect, they're good, very good.

To begin with, we predicted it at the time of announcement of 3rd quarter figures, Ferrari tops the billion-euro mark in profits for the first time. In the space of 5 years, Ferrari has doubled this figure. Secondly, cash flow is also up sharply, with the COVID year a long way off at €932 million. The billion for 2025... Sales are just one car away from €6 billion.


Beyond all these records, one number catches our eye: sales. We all know that Ferrari's order book is full, yet sales are no longer progressing at the same rate as in previous years. Is the luxury carmaker finally planning to limit production?

2023136635.97 billion1.25 billion€932 million
2022132215.09 billion939 million€759 million
2021111554.27 billion€833 million546 million
202091193.46 billion609 million€130 million
2019101313.76 billion699 million600 million

There are a few other interesting facts to keep in mind, such as the share of hybrid engines, which doubled between 2023 and 2022as a reminder By the 3rd quarter of 2023, Ferrari had sold more hybrids than 100 %s.. Orders for the Purosangue have risen again in the second half of 2023, and the Portofino and F8 are nearing the end of production.


Speaking of geography, it is interesting to note that North America: +10 % vs n-1, while China, Hong Kong and Taiwan were down -4 %. If even Ferrari is only 11 % away from market share, it makes you wonder why other Italian brands insist on going there (follow my lead).

Ferrari's roadmap for 2024

As at the beginning of each year, Ferrari unveils its good resolutions To win in F1 and WEC, launch 3 new models, enhance the experience of new and loyal customers alike, and continue to raise the brand's profile worldwide. And finally: 6.4 billion euros in sales! We are now awaiting Maserati's figures, which will be presented in mid-February.

202313 66310 11227 000
202213 2219 23325 900
202111 1558 40524 200
20209 1197 43016 900


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  1. Ferrari is the most profitable company in the entire automotive industry.
    It's a pity that Alfa Romeo hasn't been able to draw inspiration from this to offer as many new products as Ferrari, and to be as aware of market trends (for example, with hybridization, which is perfectly suited to powerful cars).

  2. It makes you wonder why Alfa doesn't follow Ferrari's lead and stay at the top of the range with the V6 Biturbo 690T in 3.0 and hybrid versions, but not below the Giulia and Stelvio, a Montreal coupé (starting with the Alfieri), a duetto cabriolet and a Diva supercar.

    For Lancia, a hybrid version of the 3.0 V6 Biturbo F160, with the addition of the Grecale and a Ghibli sedan, a Montecarlo coupe (based on the Alfieri), a Fulvia convertible and a Stratos supercar.

    For Maserati, a 2-volume Quattroporte, a 2-volume Levante, the Granturismo and GranCabrio and the MC20 and Cielo with the Nettuno hybrid.

    Sell them all in the same showroom, with customer support and after-sales service worthy of Ferrari. Above all, seriously inflate prices (nothing below €100,000 for Alfa and Lancia), (€150,000 for Maserati) and above all limit the number of examples to 50,000ex (for Alfa/Lancia) and 25,000ex (Maserati).
    Have an over-the-top customization service that makes every copy unique.

    PS: This is the solution that works for Ferrari, Maserati, Pagani...etc. and, above all, get them back into the sport as quickly as possible. The clientele will follow.

    • Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Maserati are able to generate substantial sales with a wide range of options. Everyone understands this... except them. The more the bare minimum and the rest as options, the more it fills the coffers. What's more, those who don't want all the gadgets will find themselves with a lighter, simpler base for a truly sporty product.

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