Alfa Romeo Junior SUV: all prices by country (already discounted in Italy)

Presented over a month ago, the new Alfa Romeo Junior SUV is gradually going on sale in all the countries where it will be distributed. This is an opportunity to observe, or not, differences in pricing policies from one country to another. Is this the case for Junior? That's what you're about to find out.

Junior Ibrida 136 hp29 900 €29 500 €/29 000 €30 470 €
Junior Ibrida Speciale 136 hp31 900 €31 500 €31 500 €/32 821 €
Junior Elettrica 156 hp39 500 €38 500 €/38 500 €40 721 €
Junior Elettrica Speciale 156 hp41 500 €40 500 €41 500 €41 000 €43 072 €

For once, if you compare the list price without discount, the price of the Junior SUV is very similar in different countries. We note that only the Speciale version is available in Germany, and that the SUV is cheapest in Spain, starting at €29,000.


In Belgium and Turkey, two good customers for the brand, the configurator is not yet available. It should also be noted thatin the United States, the model is not yet in the catalog. Perhaps it will never be distributed there, since the Alfa Romeo brand is presented in that country as a brand of "luxury Italian sports cars and SUVs"...

Junior already on promotion in Italy

Italy, Alfa Romeo's best customer, is the only country to have already benefited from special offers. For example, the Junior Ibrida is €29,033 instead of €29,900, and even better, the Elettrica is €35,345 instead of €39,500. A great discount!


Alfa Romeo probably knows that without a subsidy for the purchase of an electric car, the Elettrica model is too expensive. For comparison, a Peugeot e-2008 156 hp starts at €32,850 in Italy.

Competitors' rates

We had already written an article dedicated to the segment and to rival Junior cars. To date, here are the competitive prices in France.

  • Peugeot 2008, 136 hp hybrid €31,400, 156 hp electric €39,050
  • Volkswagen T-ROC 116 hp (non-hybrid) €27,220
  • Ford Puma 125 hp hybrid €27,900
  • Volvo EX30 electric 272 hp €37,500
  • Lexus LBX 136 hp hybrid €34,300

At first glance, the Alfa Romeo Junior is a slightly more expensive option than some of its competitors, notably the Volkswagen T-ROC and Ford Puma. However, the Alfa Romeo Junior offers a range of more powerful engines, with hybrid and electric options.

The Lexus LBX is also more expensive for a similar engine. Only the electric Volvo EX30 is very competitive (and, as a reminder, it's made in China). Unsurprisingly, the Junior Ibrida 136 hp is comparable to the Peugeot 2008 hybrid 136 hp, and the Junior Elettrica 156 hp is also very close to the Peugeot e-2008.


No matter what anyone says, the new Alfa Romeo Junior SUV is therefore a solid proposition. in the B-SUV segment. Although it's slightly more expensive than some of its competitors, it offers superior power and a diversified engine range, so it could pay for itself. achieve sales targets set by the brand's CEO.


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  1. The Junior's prices are quite similar to those of the competition. Electric versions remain expensive, whatever the brand.
    In Italy, they're already having a sale, but I'm not sure that will convince buyers to switch to electric.
    I'd just like to take issue with the Junior's "diversified engine range", with just one hybrid and two electric engines. It doesn't offer that much choice.

  2. For Turkey, it's better not to talk about the price, because with taxes at a stratospheric level and a very strong €uro against the Turkish lira, car prices are just crazy and completely disconnected from the rest of Europe.

    For example, the Tonale in PHEV 280 Véloce version with all catalog options and Misano Blue costs €96,600 and the Stelvio 280 Competizione €137,000...

    From experience, I'd say a price of around €60,000 for the Junior.

  3. Selling the Junior for less than the 2008 reveals the inconsistency of Stellantis' (?) strategy. It has to be said that, rhetoric aside, the Junior is no more than a major restyling of the 2098 (same Peugeot engines, same chassis, same lines...) with a finish that is even lower, even though Alfa is positioned in the premium segment...

    • It's probably because the 2008 is overpriced, especially for what it is.
      Peugeot can always lower its prices.
      I don't agree about the finish: Alfa Romeo's finish has probably never been at the level of the best, but it's very decent. For the Junior it looks good.

      • Stellantis as far as i am concerned should stop embarrassing this great Brand called Alfa Romeo, drop it as a brand and rename it " Peugeomeo " to become the top of the range of Peugeot as DS is to Citroen - per the french motoring magazine Auto-moto the junior's interior is made up of DS, Peugeot, Citroen and Opel bits and pieces other than the seats, now with a 3cylinder Peugeot petrol engine and produced in Poland, how can they call it Alfa Romeo. Apologies for the rant, but the last of the great Alfa Romeo's are the Giulia & Stelvio, after that they lost their way

  4. As an Italian, having an Alfa with a Peugeot engine won't be possible. For purists, an Alfa has a heart and a sporting soul, not a PSA engine with a certain lack of reliability. My wife has a DS3 with a 165hp thp engine, never seen such a piece of crap, it doesn't work, it's been on the power bench for 120hp, Peugeot doesn't even know what to do anymore.
    Now this rotten group (stellantis) is going to ruin Alfa and the others in the process.

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