Alfa Romeo Milano Veloce and Abarth 600e: they'll be quite different

While Stellantis has just unveiled theAlfa Romeo Milanowith the promise of a sporty car, particularly with the 240 hp Veloce version, one might wonder whether his tehcnical cousin, the Abarth 600e, would not offer the same level of performance. The question has been asked, and these two vehicles are destined to offer distinct driving experiences.

On one side, the Alfa Romeo Milano Veloce

The Alfa Romeo Milano Veloce is presented as the car with the lowest weight in its class (1505 kg in the 240 hp version) with optimized weight distribution. The team responsible for driving dynamics, the same that designed the Giulia GTA, worked at the Balocco experimental center to ensure that the Milano Veloce offers best-in-class handling.


The Veloce version features a 25 mm lowered suspension, sport-calibrated front and rear anti-roll bars, and a superior braking system with 380 mm discs at the front. Added to this, the Torsen differential and 20-inch tires specially designed to maximize grip, promise great performance.

On the other, the Abarth 600e


As for the Abarth 600e, the sporty model shares the platform and engine of the Milano (renamed Perfo-eCMP), but benefits from a distinct preparation by Stellantis Motorsport. According to the press release, the Abarth 600e will be equipped with a mechanical limited-slip differential which, combined with high-performance tires developed with a Formula E supplier, will provide maximum grip.


This car is designed to offer excellent driving dynamics in all conditions, promoting balanced performance between power and fuel efficiency.


Distinct teams for distinct philosophies

So it was at the presentation of the Alfa Romeo Milano that we put the question directly to the Milano's head of product: Will the Abarth 600 and Milano be comparable in terms of performance? According to Alfa Romeo Milano's Product Manager, although the two cars share technical elements, they should not be compared directly in terms of performance. The development teams, Stellantis Motorsport on the one hand and Alfa Romeo on the other, have brought unique features to each model that reflect their specific vision of the future of electric sports mobility.


To appreciate what each team has achieved, it would seem that interesting to see the Alfa Romeo Milano Veloce and the Abarth 600e side by side in Balocco to judge which of the two teams worked best.


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  1. The power-to-weight ratio seems to guarantee dynamic behavior, albeit for a limited time, until the battery overheats. We've already talked about the fact that the car was based on a Peugeot 2008, which isn't worthy of a brand that claims to be premium. It's a good thing they thought of a (small) frunk and, above all, integrated a planner for recharging, as it's likely to be needed often.

  2. Their looks are different, but an Alfa Romeo has to be sporty, just like an Abarth. Same engine, same chassis, same performance, so the choice will be more about looks. It's the same VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda logic: the same car everywhere, just with different bodywork and finishes.

  3. Today's news: the Milano no longer exists, as its existence was very brief. It's being replaced by the Junior. While they're at it, they should immediately restyle the Junior to erase the Milano's front and rear ends.
    Stellantis fans have done it again.

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