Maserati will suffer again in France in the coming years

Maserati has been making dreams come true these last few months by announcing many new models: MC20, Grecale, new GranTurismo, new Quattroporte... good news! But as always at MaseratiThe new model is not always compatible with the French tax system.

Maserati registrations in France since 2013

Maserati had its best years in France in 2016 and 2017after launching the Maserati Levante SUV. Due to a lack of novelty and an aging range, the figures have been negative year after year. Figures shared between the fifteen French dealers.

YearNew Maserati registrations in France
CCFA figures

2020 is a special year.... but in a normal context it is honest to think that the brand would have just exceeded 200 registrations in France.

New models are coming... but already heavily abused

The Maserati customer, although passionate, is also pragmatic. New models are arriving, with new engines, but which are already heavily taxed!


The new Maserati Ghibli sedan 4 cylinder MHEV 330 hp offered from 70 000 € has already a malus of about 15 000 €.. The future Maserati Grecale SUV, which will be offered with the same hybrid powertrain at the end of 2021, will also be maligned at more than €15,000. It will be worse in 2022. All German competitors offer PHEV: BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche. Very little or no malus! We can criticize this technology as much as we want, is less malus, it sells. You will say, the manufacturer Maserati can make offers to compensate, but it is to forget the corporate customers who must pay in addition to the malus a TVS every year .... it also based on the emissions of Co2! The future of MHEV technology is really a question if the taxation increases every year.

Maserati announces a whole range of BEV (all electric) for 2022. Don't shout, it's the tax system that imposes it! I can already tell you that the first all-electric model will arrive in late 2022 with the Grecale. It will probably be 2023 in reality (between the presentation, the orders and the production, we know the delays in Italy). It will compete with the Jaguar I-Pace, Audi E-Tron, or even Tesla X! Models that sell well on the scale of Maserati.


Let's talk about new 3.0L V6 appeared on the MC20. Even if this one were hybridisable, with an MHEV solution, it would still be too much malus. More than 30 000 € of malus, on the 2021 scale. It will be offered on the most extreme versions of Maserati, but at prices above 150 000 €. Passionate Maseratists who will put their hand in the wallet, it exists and so much the better. But beware, these models will have to be perfect in every respect. There is no room for error at this level (which, I'm told, explains the delay in delivery at Maserati dealerships).

See you in 2023

I wish I had a crystal ball, but if I don't, I'm pragmatic.


It is not with the Ghibli MHEV, Levante MHEV, a Grecale 3.0L V6 or MC20 3.0L V6 that Maserati will make volume in 2021, in France.

While many electric models are announced for 2022, they will not do volume that year. They will certainly be marketed and produced in 2023.


What I would like to do the most is to be wrong!


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  1. And yet, I have the impression that you are not mistaken.... a few months later to this article still no products towards a moderate taxation. For my part after 2 ghibli it is back to mercedes. GLE Hybride rechargeable, 320 cv no malus, 58 euros of TVS annelle..... Maserati is just magic, but I will not pay 1 euro of malus in the future. It is necessary that the trident reacts to this. For the history of the brand spirit, to hide the PHEV is a terrible mistake.

    • The Grecale will be presented at the end of the year for the first deliveries in summer 2022, with the 4 cyl hybrid but will have a penalty... the new granturismo which should inaugurate the full electric will remain but in my opinion it will be presented in 2022 for deliveries in 2023. In short, for the moment, these will be cars for those who accept to pay a penalty.

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