Maserati finally unveils its iconic convertible: the GranCabrio

After many spyshots over many months, Maserati finally unveils its latest creation: the GranCabrio. This new model, a jewel of Italian technology and design, is destined to follow in the footsteps of exceptional cars.

The GranCabrio, available from launch with the Nettuno 6-cylinder internal combustion engine, offers an unrivalled driving experience. The Trofeo version, meanwhile, raises the bar even higher with a Nettuno Twin Turbo. 3-litre V6 developing 550 hpA breathtaking, hair-raising performance. 0 to 100 km/h is announced in 3.6 seconds.c.


This cabriolet isn't just powerful, it's also comfortable. Designed for long-distance travel, it features four real seatsThe cleverly designed soft-top not only reduces the size of the soft-top, but also provides ample space for four people's luggage. The cleverly designed soft-top not only reduces the size of the soft top, but also provides ample space for four people's luggage. Conveniently, the soft top can be opened or closed at speeds of up to 50 km/h, retracting in just 14 seconds, via controls on the center console, which can be operated with fingertips without taking your eyes off the road.

Also in terms of comfort, the Grancabrio offers a neck warmer for cooler days, and a windscreen that reduces turbulence inside the cabin. Even under open sky, it guarantees acoustic and thermal comfort.


From a technical standpoint, the GranCabrio is distinguished by its lightweight architecture, the result of innovative development combining aluminum, magnesium and high-performance steels. This approach makes it possible to achieve weight levels contained for its category (1895 kg).

The interior of the GranCabrio is no exception. With the MIA multimedia system, Comfort screen and optional head-up display. The sound experience is 360°: enhanced by the iconic sound of the Maserati engine and an immersive Sonus faber audio system.


She exact price of the GranCabrio has not yet been revealed, is expected to be slightly higher than that of the GranTurismo, around €200,000. With its performance, comfort and Italian design, the Maserati GranCabrio is shaping up to be a new icon of the Italian automobile, ready to seduce enthusiasts of exceptional cars the world over... and especially in countries that won't inflict tax on it.


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  1. With a starting price of €234,550 (not including the €60,000 malus) and a serious lack of sound, this new Grancabrio will find it hard to sell in France. Fortunately, the Folgore version is due to arrive at the end of 2024.

      • A V6 like the SQ4 found in the Levante, Ghibli and QP has a nice sound. The Nettuno installed on a MY23/24 Granturismo (and also on the Grancabrio) is far too discreet... You can't compare it to a Flat 6, the architecture is different.

  2. It had been planned by FCA before the Merger, and it's fair to say that they didn't miss a beat, remaining in the same vein as the previous Pininfarina model.

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