Lancia : 3 models in preparation ?

According to Automotive News, Lancia would have on the table a program of 3 novelties to redefine its future. Rumor? Reality? It's hard to say for the moment, but we know that Stellantis is determined to relaunch the Italian brand.

Integrated into the premium divisionAlongside Alfa Romeo and DS, Lancia could and should benefit from synergies (engines, platforms...), notably with DS. This will allow the brand to be relaunched quickly and at a lower cost. Carlos Tavares has stated that a budget was allocated to each brand to relaunch itself, obviously making a profit. The decision to cut back will be taken within 5 to 10 years depending on the results. A potentially life-saving reprieve for Lancia.


According to Automotive News, a city car, a crossover and a compact are in the works. Enough to cover a good part of the market.

- The city car ? Probably the replacement for the venerable Ypsilon3rd of the name, which allows the brand to to stay afloat in Italy with numbers that are not ridiculous.


- The compact? Possibly the return of the Delta. Will it be called that? Will the vision be that of a refined, bourgeois compact, like the former Delta III, which was not as successful as expected, or will it be a return to a hellish, technical and sporty machine? There's no telling at this point, but a return to a radical sporty compact seems not only incompatible with Alfa Romeo's sporting spirit, but also at odds with CO2 standards and the continued empowerment of ever heavier and more placid vehicles.

- The Crossover? Will it be urban or compact? A neighbor of the 2008 or 3008? With what name, what philosophy and what target audience? It remains to be seen, but the SUV trend is well known. This could potentially adapt the offer to the demand.

Jean-Pierre Ploué and Luca Napolitano (Lancia boss)

Finally, you should know that Jean-Pierre Ploué (on the left in the picture) will supervise the design of Lancia. He stated in this regard that  "The rebirth of LANCIA is a truly exciting challenge. LANCIA is an iconic brand, which will regain its historic central position in Europe, building on its enormous potential.".

To be continued, then...



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  1. Everything will depend on the stylistic proposal, so it will be necessary to create an original and distinctive design, carrying the whole Lancia luxury image that still exists (at least for the enthusiasts), while avoiding the bizarre, the over-designed and the heavy flashy that characterize the last PSA productions (new 308, new C4, C5 X, DS9, the DS4 being a little spared despite its crazy and very impractical C pillar).

  2. How is it possible to relaunch a brand that has been abandoned for decades? Good luck to those who will have this heavy task. The young generation in Italy hardly knows the name of the brand... that's how far we have to go...

    • Don't the young Italians know Lancia? Well, I'm not convinced at all, with Dirt Rally and DR 2.0 released between 2015 and 2019 many gamers have enjoyed the Delta S4, Delta HF Integrale, Fulvia HF but also the Fiat 131 Abarth.

  3. I think that for Lancia to work, it would have to remove DS which is a young brand, even if I like their model but they will not do it for the Chinese market.

  4. One quickly forgets the abandoned brands. Who remembers the old French brands Talbot, Delahaye, Facel Vega, Grégoire, Hotchkiss, Panhard or Simca? There is hardly any resurrection in the automobile industry, even with big means.

    • It depends. Lancia was at the peak of its glory in the early 90s, which is not the case for the other brands mentioned. Today people buy Fila, Diadora, there is a real commercial potential. Obviously, for this to work, you have to exploit the full potential of the brand with a real respect for the codes.

  5. Bjr je trouve que la prochaine alfa b suv (kid) est dans la continuité du relancement de la marque alfa et dans le style de la tonale déjà existante alfa devrait se diversifier aussi dans une compacte aussi prévoir le remplacement je crois qui est à l'étude de la prochaine Giulia remplacement de la Giulietta etc etc a méditer et une berline rivale tesla 3 pour revivre l'ex 166 pourquoi pas a réfléchir sur ça car à l'heure de l'électrification des voitures ça pourrait le faire je pense

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