This Citroën is a preview of the future Fiat SUV Fastback

About 1 month ago, in an attempt to take the wind out of Renault's sails, the company presented a number of new products at the Geneva Motor Show, Fiat unveils a sketch of its roadmap with one model per year, including a new Panda, a giga-Panda, a Fastback SUV or a pickup truck. Thanks to Citroën, we have a better idea of what the Fastback SUV from Fiat.

We're not going to sing the same song again, as mutualization is a must, the Fiat Topolino is a cousin of the Citroën AMI, the future Fiat Panda, a cousin of the new Citroën C3, so when the brand with the chevrons unveils its new Basalt Vision, a fastback SUV to be marketed in India and North America, it's worth pausing for a moment, because we can't help but think to Fiat's future Fastback SUV.

Citroën Basalt
Fiat SUV Fastback concept

There's an interesting resemblance between the proportions and above all to the front of the carabove the wheel arch. For the moment, Citroën has not released any technical information on this Basalt, other than to say that it is a small SUV in the B segment, with fastback styling. All we know is that it will be based on the CMP platform, and will be available as a thermal-hybrid and an electric vehicle.

As a reminder, Fiat already produces a Fastback SUV, but exclusively for South America.


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  1. When Stellantis was created, was it foreseen that all future Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia would be derivatives of Peugeot and Citroën?
    If that's the case, then FCA has signed the demise of the Italian brands.
    But there's reason to be surprised by what's happening: the disappearance of the uniqueness of Italian cars, replaced by derivatives of Peugeot models.

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