Fiat 500 Q1 2024 sales: electrics fail as internal combustion resists


What had been presaged for several months is now confirmed: thehe Fiat 500 electric is struggling in terms of sales in the first quarter of 2024with a -49 % in EuropeWith a really bad March 2024. Thanks to the latest figures released by JATO, we've got the calculator out to find out more about what's going on.

So it's not really a surprise that, after years of successive production stoppages at Mirafiori for nearly 3 quarters now, widely reported on our site, and more recently the Italian unions who announced reduced production of 51 % in the first quarter of 2024The figures published by analysis firm JATO only confirm the pessimism surrounding sales of this model.


Thus, for the first time since the launch of the electric 500, it is no longer in the top 10 of electric car sales in March 2024. If it has been at the bottom of the rankings for several months, it's the arrival of the new Volvo EX30 model that makes it stand out. A Volvo whose performance we'll have to keep an eye on, because one of the rivals of the new electric Alfa Romeo Junior.

But the electric 500 isn't the only model to struggleTesla Y, Volkswagen ID.4 and MG4 all fell back sharply. New models such as the BMW i4 and BMW iX1 posted good results. Overall, according to JATO, the electric car market is down -11 % for the month of March 2024.


To understand where the electric Fiat 500 really stands in this shrinking market, we got out our figures and the calculator. We found that sales of the electric 500 fell by -49 % in Q1 2024 vs Q1 2023As a result, sales of the 500 (electric and hybrid) plunged by -16 %. However, if we isolate the hybrid model, we realize that it, which hasn't shown anything new for some time, is only down - 2 %.

For the record, according to the unions, around 25,000 electric Fiat 500s were produced in Q1 2023 and 12,000 in Q2 2024, so we'd still be in overproduction... So it's becoming urgent to improve the electric 500, with reference to the electric Fiat 500s. 100 million investment by Stellantis to increase autonomy and lower the model's price, and from update the hybrid model to meet new European standardsbecause demand remains strong.



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  1. What damage to our beloved 500! Stellantis' stubbornness is responsible for this! The bosses of Fiat, if there are any, should be inspired by the sales of this superb and reliable Suzuki Swift hybrid + 45 %, which many friends and family own! I have already inspired many times this 500 hybrid news body !!! Merci Thank you merci a vous Tous!!!

  2. No to the battery car 😜🤑😷, too expensive polluting, yes to the thermal engine new generations synthetic gasoline, and bio diesel, leave free choice to everyone, no to a dictatorship of forcing consumers to buy products they do not want, 👀

  3. We can see the limits of electric car sales: those eager for novelty and ecology have already bought an electric car, and now we have to convince other buyers, which is much more difficult. What's more, many of those who have had electric cars are switching back to internal combustion.
    Sales of electric cars have undoubtedly reached a ceiling, hence the drop in sales of the Fiat 500e, despite being an excellent city car.
    Carmakers who bet everything on electric vehicles are heading for disaster.

  4. Let them stop with the 500e. It will never be the commercial success of the combustion version. Instead, they should concentrate on adapting the current VT to the new standards, to keep it going for a few more years while they design a new combustion-powered 500 (with an electric version too), rather than stubbornly maintaining an expensive 500e with flimsy engines and range.

    • No, they should market the current 500 electric as a mild hybrid. Which is what it was originally intended for...

  5. Commercials for electric cars aren't even watched anymore... we need to make internal combustion cars that consume 3 liters per hundred, and that's possible. And above all, don't try to satisfy the absurd regulations of the European Union.

  6. - Lapsus calami, I stand corrected: "It's pointless trying to comply with the absurd regulations of the European Union". That would be more elegant.
    And I'll add this: I've heard that used electric cars are worth almost nothing...

  7. Das Problem ist ganz klar: Der Fiat 500e ist viel zu teuer. Schaut man mal auf die Konkurrenz im E-Auto-Bereich, dann - ausstattungsbereinigt, denn niemand kauft einen nackten 500 ohne zusätzliches "Paket" -, fast immer nahe zwischen 35 und 40.000 Euro und das ist für einen Fiat 500 schlicht zu viel und man spielt in einer Liga mit einem Mini Cooper SE, einen Smart #1 oder den BYD Atto 3 oder der Ora von GWM. Der BYD verfügt m.M.n. über eine deutlich bessere Software als alle anderen und ist als Gesamtpaket das aktuell preiswerteste E-Auto in dieser Liga, wenn man keinen Tesla will. Das Model 3 Standard Range ist immer noch das mit Abstand beste Gesamtpaket am Markt für 42k Euro inkl. Supercharger-Netzwerk und ist von der Größe natürlich etwas ganz anderes als ein Fiat 500, was auch nicht zur Diskussion steht.
    Das alles kann FIAT und Stellantis nicht bieten weil man eben nicht konsequent eine E-Auto-Plattform fertigt und weiterhin auf den Mix mit Hybrid und Verbrenner und E-Auto auf einer Plattform setzt, bekommt man nie das perfekte Fahrzeug sondern muss immer Abstriche machen und produziert viel zu teuer.

  8. Ich fahre den Fiat 500e 118 kW. Es ist ein Superauto, insbesondere als Zweitfahrzeug wg Fahrradius von ca 300km.
    - Design, kleine Abmessungen
    - Fahrleistung - fantastischer Abgang im unteren Bereich, aber auch gute Höchstgeschwindigkeit
    - Infotainment sehr gut, sehr guter Bildschirm und Rückfahrkamera
    - sehr gute Software, bis jetzt keine Probleme
    - Einfaches Laden über Haussteckdose
    - Wenig Stromverbrauch, daher sehr niedrige Betriebskosten
    - bequeme Sitze
    - gute Lüftung und Klima

    - hinten wenig Platz
    - Vordere Säule zu breit
    - höher Preis, Fahrzeug ist einfach zu teuer, wird mit Fiat 500 verglichen
    - Kofferraum zu klein

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