Fiat 600: all the latest info on the Italian B-SUV

As you know (or not) it is planned thata small SUV to join the range Fiat, as a possible replacement for the current 500X, which has been on the market since 2014.

While the name of the 364 project has yet to be confirmed, everyone agrees that it is most likely that this B-SUV would be called Fiat 600This is the logical continuation of the 500 and a tribute to the iconic 600, of which millions were produced in the last century.


As for the dates, the Fiat 600 prototypes have started their tests on open roads, and there will probably be a official presentation in the first quarter of 2023 to be launched in the second half of 2023, almost 10 years after the 500X.

However, we already know a lot about this car since it will share many elements of the new Jeep Avenger and the future Alfa Romeo B-SUV.


The Fiat 600 will use the e-CMP platform already present in several models of the Stellantis group such as the DS3, the Opel Mokka or more recently the Jeep Avenger.

The electric motor will be a Emotors M3 400V whose power should be around 136 hp (100 kW), coupled with a 46 kWh battery like the Citroën ë-C4. Indeed, the engine power and battery capacity must be one notch below the DS3 and Jeep Avenger in order to obtain a more attractive selling price for the Fiat brand.


It is no secret that the Fiat 600 will be manufactured in thePolish plant in Tychylike the Jeep Avenger and the future Alfa Romeo B-SUV. Don't get upset, this is the same factory that has been producing the current Fiat 500 thermal since 2007.

As for the design, it should use many elements of the current electric Fiat 500 (headlights, seats, dashboard, etc.), but adapted to the size of an SUV.


For your information, below is our table with, in italics, our assumptions for the Fiat 600 compared to her sisters.

DS3Jeep AvengerFiat 600Alfa Romeo Brennero
Length4,11 m4,08 m4,1 m4,1 m
Battery54 kWh54 kWh46 kWh60 kWh
EngineEmotors M3Emotors M3Emotors M3Emotors M3
Power156 hp (115 kW)156 hp (115 kW)136 hp (100 kW)184 hp (135 kW)
Couple260 Nm260 Nm260 Nm300 Nm
Weight1550 kg???
Autonomy402 km?357 km?
0 to 100 km/h9 sec???
Price41700 €???

For the price of the Fiat 600Before the ecological bonus, we can expect a price starting at 35,000 €, which would be competitive with the DS3, Jeep Avenger and even the Citroën ë-C4.



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    • This Russian car is a Chinese car, barely made up, which has not even been successful in its country of origin. So I doubt it will work for long.

    • New Giulia range??? It's still the same and the Quadrifoglio is still there!
      It's clear that the next generation... it doesn't make me want to go back to the old ones and go back to the japanese ones which will still be thermal and rear wheel drive.

    • All manufacturers will switch to 3 or 4 cylinder downsizers to meet the new ecological standards, there will be breakage at the manufacturers or they will switch to electrics with software not yet stabilized, the reliability will drop at all manufacturers. Only the Japanese and the Koreans will still be in the top positions in terms of reliability, the Germans will fall into the meanders of the ranking, as we are beginning to see at Mercedes and the Volskwagen group.

  1. Well, we see it without camouflage on Cochespias' instagram. The design is not good compared to the 500x. It's a shame, it was its only selling point.

    • Absolutely, but I don't dare to put spyshots on my site anymore, it cost me too much in the past.
      Concerning the car, the front is not bad but I have a lot of trouble with the back...

      • Too wide, or not high enough, but it doesn't match the proportions of the 500e. It's unbelievable to miss this point when you've just presented several very successful models, and considering what's at stake for Fiat.

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