How Ferrari makes more profit with fewer sales: figures for the 1st half of 2023

We always like to read the figures presented to investors, often a sign of the good health (or not) of car brands, which are always trying to do better than the year before.

And after Maserati, it's the turn of Ferrari to present its figures for the first half of 2023. If there are two things to remember, it's that while sales are down slightly, sales are up slightly.


With fewer sales, Ferrari manages to make more turnover. How? Probably by increasing the average price of its new models. For example, while a Purosangue starts at around €390,000, from what we hear, the average configured price quickly exceeds €500,000.

Atypical for a luxury brand, compared to Maserati, Lamborghini or even Aston Martin and McLaren, Ferrari is the company that launches more and more new models. 11 in the last 4 years alone! And 2023 is not over yet. A prototype Roma with a V12 engine is circling Maranello...


As regards the breakdown of sales by continent, everyone is on the rise, but North America stands out in particular...

Now, let's compare the sales, turnover and profits of the 3 Italian luxury brands for the first quarter of 2023. Ferrari still by far the sales leaderMaserati is the leader in terms of volume, but is still a long way off when it comes to profitability per model sold. Maserati is the volume leader, but still a long way off in terms of profitability... and yet its profits have doubled.

H1 2023 salesH1 2023 SALESH1 2023 earnings
Maserati15 3001.3 billion€121 million
Ferrari6 9592.9 billion€631 million
Lamborghini5 3411.42 billion456 million

A comparison with 2022 shows that Ferrari is well on its way to perhaps approaching sales of 6 billion euros, which would be unprecedented, but also exceed one billion euros in profits for the first time! Look out for Lamborghini, which could exceed 10,000 sales by 2023. The bull is running faster and faster behind the prancing horse.

Sales 2022CA 20222022 profits
Maserati25 9002.32 billion201 million
Ferrari13 2215.09 billion939 million
Lamborghini9 2332.375 billion614 million
Bentley15 1743.38 billion708 million
Porsche309 88437.6 billion8.72 billion
Aston Martin6 4121.57 billion €.215 million
Bugatti80331 million-33 million
Rolls-Royce6 021NCNC


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  1. Some will say that Porsche is on a roll, but not that much, with profits barely 10 times higher than Ferrari's, but for 310,000 vehicles. Porsche's average profit per vehicle is €28129.00, compared with €72307.00 for Ferrari.

  2. Ferrari's profits are staggering; for 2022, they'll bring in an average of 71,023 euros per unit .... and so far in 2023: 90,674 euros!!!! +27.66 %

    • Bugatti has always sold its vehicles at a loss, as have many others who wanted to bring out extreme sports cars like the LFA for Lexus.

  3. This is very good news, but it's time Ferrari set maximum quotas so that the brand doesn't exceed a certain number of total models.

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