Replacement for the Ferrari 812: everything we know just a few days before its unveiling

After five years of resounding success, the Ferrari 812launched in 2017, is preparing to pass the torch. With the imminent announcement of her replacement, scheduled for the Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix on May 2, speculation and anticipation are running high. Here's everything we know about this new arrival from Ferrari, known under the code name F167which promises to redefine the standards of the V12-powered supercar.

A V12 will always be at the heart of the F167The Ferrari 812 Superfast, the emblematic F140, but with significant improvements. The Ferrari 812 Superfast, with its 800 hp, will be surpassed by its replacement, whose power will exceed this already impressive mark. Indeed, rumors indicate that the the F167 could reach 10,000 rpm. As a reminder, the 812 Competizione is rated at 830 hp, with a breaker at 9,500 rpm, so one wonders what limits Ferrari will still manage to exceed.

Meter on the new Ferrari. Image Derek Photography

Although some media have raised the possibility of hybridization, the example of the Purosangue, which retains a V12 without electric assistance, leaves us in doubt. So it would seem that Ferrari favors the purity of a naturally-aspirated V12 for this new model.

Ferrari 365 GTB/4 "DAYTONA". Image Ferrari

Visually, the F167 pays homage to the legendary Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona. with a resolutely modern design. The front headlights will be inspired by those of the Ferrari Roma, while the rear lights will be reminiscent of those on the Purosangue, affirming continuity in the brand's visual identity while introducing new lines. The bodywork will be offered in two-tone colors, accentuating its luxurious, exclusive look.

Teaser for the new Ferrari headlamps

The interior will not be outdone, with features and technologies aligned with Ferrari's new standards, as seen in the 296 GTB and Purosangue. These innovations promise an immersive and comfortable driving experience, combining luxury and performance.

Concerning In terms of price, the F167 will obviously exceed €500,000. A price that will rise quickly with options, and the best customers will have priority.


It is rumoured that the newcomer could take inspiration from an old American-sounding model name. It could, for example, be christened "850 Superamerica", taking the name of a former Ferrari glory and 850 for the engine's power.

With just a few days to go before its official unveiling, the replacement for the Ferrari 812 Superfast is already on every Ferrarist's lips. It promises to embody the pinnacle of performance and stylewhile respecting the prestigious roots that have made Ferrari an automotive icon.



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  1. It's a good thing Ferrari and Lamborghini are still around, even if the latter is under German guardianship for "made in Italy" automobiles...otherwise it would be a complete vacuum.

    • Imagine if Ferrari had stayed with FCA, and today with Stellantis... We'd have a 312 Crossfast: 3 for the number of cylinders, 12 for 1200cm², Crossfast for the crossover silhouette.

      • Your comment made me laugh. But Ferrari is in a class of its own, and has figured out how to please its customers.

  2. If Ferrari were now part of the Stellantis group, the French would end up taking over Ferrari just as they did Bugatti: a simple identity card for Ettore Bugatti's son... and the deal is in the bag... the French will never have a yper car that is truly theirs...

  3. but is there really an announcement to come?
    the miami gp is not on may 2 but on may 3, and that's only the beginning of the wk the grand prix is on may 5

    • I'm told "8pm Miami time" so that would make it Friday 2am in France. I imagine that Ferrari customers will see it before the presentation by press release.

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