Leclerc extended at Ferrari, Sainz on the move?

Scuderia Ferrari's Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc has extended his contract with the Italian team for a further five seasons, according to several sources.. He was tied to Ferrari until 2024, but has reportedly agreed to extend his lease until 2029, with two firm years and three optional ones. The deal could be made official at Monza, in early September 2023.

Leclerc has always demonstrated its commitment to Ferrarihis favourite team, with whom he wants to win the world title. He also dismissed rumours that he would be moving to Mercedes, and even Redbull ! His latest podium finish at the Belgian Grand Prix may have helped boost his confidence.


By contrast, the situation for his teammate Carlos Sainz is more complex. The Spaniard, who joined Ferrari in 2021 to replace Sebastian Vettel, has impressed with his speed, consistency and collaborative philosophy. His current contract expires at the end of this year, but there has been no official announcement yet on his extension...

According to some sources, Sainz is in talks with Alpine, where the arrival of Mattia Binotto, the current Ferrari boss, seems imminent. Binotto and Sainz have forged a privileged relationship since their collaboration at Maranello. Sainz is also reportedly being courted by Audi, which is set to make its entry into the Ferrari group. Formula 1 in 2026 with the Sauber team. Sainz's father, Carlos Sainz Sr. is an iconic rally driver for the German group...


However, according to Sainz's entourage, he seems keen to stay at Ferrari, where he feels well integrated and where he has a competitive car. He could sign a contract similar to Leclerc's, at least until 2026. Sainz said: "I've never hidden my desire to continue driving for Ferrari. It's a fantastic team and I feel at home here".


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  1. If Sainz leaves, Ferrari will be biting its fingers, because according to the rumours, Leclerc's contract is worth... 185 million, even though he's done nothing yet!
    That's what I call throwing 185 million out the window for nothing!!!!

      • I don't see who could replace Sainz at the moment either.
        There are only 7 points of difference between the 2.
        185 million, to have a salary like that you'd already have to have won a championship (rather justfier for Verstappen) so I don't think you can call that stability when they'd be better off putting that money into top technicians and a training center for people in the garages to improve racing.
        You can see the difference: Red Bull works like Ferrari under Todt/Schumacher, and it still does. Ferrari works the way it did before the Jean Todt era, and we can see the disaster.

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