Ferrari could finally seize the opportunity to recruit Red Bull's technical director

At the heart of an unprecedented turmoil within the F1 Red Bull Racing, an unprecedented opportunity seems to be taking shape for Scuderia Ferrari, that of recruit Pierre Waché, the French technical director of the rival team. This potential defection comes in the wake of what has come to be known as the 'Horner crisis', named after Christian Horner, Red Bull's long-serving team manager, currently embroiled in a case of alleged inappropriate behavior.

Last Friday, a crucial meeting took place, not at Milton-Keynes, but at an undisclosed location in central London, far from prying eyes. The meeting, which lasted eight hours straight, was with an outside lawyer instructed by Red Bull's Austrian-based parent company. What was at stake? Horner's future within the organization and, by extension, that of Red Bull Racing. However, according to internal sources, the final results of this investigation may not be known before the launch of the 2024 car or even the start of winter testing.


The situation at Red Bull is complex, the media pressure around the allegations against Horner is intense, and the company is maintaining a position of neutrality, stating that "it would not be appropriate to comment until the investigation is complete". However, the prevailing uncertainty could have unexpected consequences, not least for the team's workforce.

Among the possible repercussions, one of the most significant would be Pierre Waché's departure. The latter has been a key figure in Red Bull's technical success in recent years, is rumoured to be ready to join Ferrari, attracted by an offer that Maranello had already unsuccessfully put to him last year. At the time, under the impetus of Frédéric Vasseur, Ferrari tried to sign Wachébut failed to close the deal.


The current crisis at Red Bull could change all that. With Horner's future uncertain and pressure mounting on the team, Waché could see Ferrari not only as a new professional challenge, but also as a haven of stability and renewal for his career. Sources in both England and Italy suggest that Waché is seriously considering Ferrari's offer this time.

If this transition were to take place, it would be a second major coup for Ferrari. after the signing of Lewis Hamilton. Not only would the Italian team benefit from Waché's technical expertise, but it would also send a strong signal of his ambitions to return to the top of Formula 1. For Red Bull, on the other hand, this would represent a significant loss, at a time when the team needs stability and technical leadership more than ever.


The outcome of this situation remains uncertain, but one thing is certain: the next few weeks could well redefine the balance of power within the Formula 1 paddock.

If you're interested, check out this excellent interview with Pierre Waché on Youtube.



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  1. There's another name that's been circulating more and more behind the scenes in F1 that Ferrari 🏎️ could see coming for years that they've been trying to get him for decades, Adrian Newey whose wife has made it clear that it would be pretty cool. I think Ferrari was too quick to sign Hamilton and Leclerc instead of concentrating on Verstappen junior, because that would have brought back some of the Red bull staff, as Benetton did with a certain Michael Schumacher.

  2. If the best drivers leave Red Bull, we risk seeing the end of their domination.
    And in that case, Max Verstappen could go elsewhere. The only alternatives to Red Bull are Ferrari and Mercedes.
    Verstappen's advantage is that everyone will want him, because he's the most complete driver, and the best.
    Ferrari may well have signed Hamilton and Leclerc far too quickly if there's anything better on the driver market.

    • Yes, knowing that Newey is getting fed up with what's going on at Redbull. So if Verstappen were to drive for Ferrari 🏎️ that would be huge, and another chance at the title.

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