Alfa Romeo unveils an image of the Milano with its fastback SUV look

Alfa Romeo has just shared a new teaser for its next vehicle, the Milano. Scheduled for a full revelation on April 10 at 5 p.m. in MilanThe new model is already attracting a great deal of interest and comment.

This new teaser gives a glimpse of its design, with a particularly sloping rear window, a distinctive feature of the SUV Fastback (called Sportback by some brands, or simply coupé) that are currently captivating the automotive market. This trend is used by all new models, such as the BMW X2, Peugeot 3008, and the future Citroen BasaltThe Milano's target audience is lovers of small urban SUVs.


As a reminder, the Milano embodies the Alfa Romeo revival under the aegis of Stellantis. Equipped with the CMP platform, this SUV will be available in light hybrid and 100 % electric versions, the latter offering 156 hp, with a sportier version reaching 240 hp.

Beyond its technical features, the Milano is the standard-bearer of a new era for Alfa Romeo, under the artistic direction of Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos.


With an official presentation scheduled for April 10, followed closely by testing in June and arrival in dealerships in September 2024, the Milano's mission will be to become a prominent figure in the urban SUV segment, and also to do volume for achieve Alfa Romeo's sales targets.


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  1. Volume may be necessary for Alfa Romeo, but character and exciting engines are what you expect from an Alfa Romeo.
    Becoming an SUV brand, even a fastback, is the trend, but offering just that is not. The new BMW X2 mentioned is downright ugly, not to mention the new 3008, which is as attractive as an SUV.

  2. Why SUVs?
    Alfa Romeo has always produced cars of passion, and now, in order to be like everyone else, the brand is falling into the trap of shareholders whose aim is to collect maximum dividends.
    The electric car as we know it today is not the future...

  3. When will there be a new guiletta with Italian class instead of making suvs with French style and no identity at alfa the disappointment where are the brera 159sw 166 spider?

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