Alfa Romeo B-SUV / Kid: a detail from the 33 Stradale that went unnoticed!

As you knowAlfa Romeo is preparing a new model to complete its SUV range. We're talking about the BSUV, a small urban crossover currently known as the Kid, whose photos leaked nearly 1 month ago.

And, just a few days before the presentation of the new and exclusive supercar 33 StradaleIt was hard to see what these two Alfa Romeo models might have in common...


Yet, there's a detail in its triangular grillethe scudetto, that even the most attentive fans missed: the three-dimensional logo.

This three-dimensional logo will also be featured on the Alfa Romeo B-SUV scudetto. Yes, a detail barely visible on the leaked visuals! And it's probably one of the only elements to be carried over from the 33 Stradale by this B-SUV


According to our information, the photos leaked on the Internet are indeed authentic, and show that it takes no elements from the Tonale, Alfa Romeo's current compact SUV, which is celebrating its first year on the market. It marks a break with the brand's current, more angular style.

The Kid will share the same platform as new Fiat 600 and the Jeep Avenger, as well as the same petrol-hybrid and electric powertrains, in the same power ratings, and the same batteries. The interior will be designed to feel like an Alfa Romeo, with sporty seats and a dashboard similar to the Tonale, with the brand's characteristic round ventilation grilles.


The Kid will be the first representative of a new generation of Alfa Romeo styling.which will be followed by the future electric Stelvio and Giulia. The latter will have an "evolved" BSUV design, both in terms of the front and rear light signature, and according to two different sources, this will be nothing like what we've seen from Alfa Romeo up to now.

The BSUV should be officially presented in 2024, under its definitive name, and will support sales of the Alfa Romeo brand with ambitious targets for years to come.



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      • I'm totally baffled by the B-SUV's design, and even more worried. What if it isn't a success? A Peugeot platform that's not very modern, a Peugeot combustion engine, the shock will be terrible....

        • Harry
          Apparently, given the opinions of many customers, if I were them, I'd change the model very quickly, because we're well on the way to a flop. As much as people were divided about the Tonale, this one's got a bad smell about it 😖

      • I have to admit, on a personal level, there's no reason to justify the price!
        This just goes to show how huge the margins are, allowing shareholders to gorge themselves like crazy.

    • The more I see this design, the more I think there's no way this B-SUV looks like this.

      Bringing out an Alfa with this design is really shooting yourself in the foot! How could such a thing be validated? And why abandon the Tonale light signature that suits Alfa Romeo so well?

      Already, apart from Alfisti, few people buy an Alfa, and if this SUV comes out with this design, even Alfisti won't want it. Already, the Peugeot engine won't do, and neither will the Peugeot chassis. If it's going to produce something worse than a Citroën, absolutely nobody will want it!

  1. CEO Imparatto did indeed say that this new BSUV would have a design that would enchant all those who loved the MiTo and Giulietta... I can't believe that Imparatto's official words are in phase with these as yet unofficial images... or else this gentleman needs to visit an optician and take responsibility for being Alfa's gravedigger!

  2. You've got to stop with this ugly Citroën rebadged as an Alfa Romeo, maybe it's just a cheap rumor and a lame photoshop.

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