Lancia Ypsilon: official photos and opening of orders in Italy, with a limited edition

While the official presentation is still scheduled for February 14, 2024, Lancia has just opened pre-orders for the new Ypsilon, available only in Italy, in a limited edition of 1906 units.

If there is no price since it is only a question of the intention to order for which you just have to leave your contact details, it still allows you to finally see official images of the car after the numerous leaks of recent months.


The Italian press release gives a few details, such as a 403 km range, blue velvet seats, a multifunctional table bearing the Cassina signature that appears to be a pocket-cleaner and wireless smartphone charger, not to mention the new SALA infotainment system.

See you on February 14 for further details, including how the SALA system works, whether there will be other velvet colors, and the price!



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  1. I think it's really pretty, elegant and true to the Lancia spirit. It may be based on a 208, but it's much improved.
    The double digital panel on the dashboard is less convincing, but the rest exudes luxury.
    With convincing powertrains like the future HF, the new Ypsilon can be interesting.
    It's being presented on February 14, but we've already seen it all!

  2. First official photos of the interior! I'm not a big fan of the blue velour, reminiscent of the Gamma... or my grandmother's Peugeot 305. As for the overall design, I feel more like I'm in a Citroën than anything else; and then that crepe plate in the middle of the cabin? Whose idea was that? To end on a positive note, I like the design of the aluminum rims and the little "Start" button. All in all, not much to get up about at night.

  3. We must hope that LANCIA will continue to sell the old YPSILON for at least another year or two, as it starts at around €15,000 in Italy, and the launch electric version of the new model, seen on Italian websites at €40,000, is very expensive for a souvenir.
    In the same vein, the replacement for the new Panda, scheduled for launch in July, will cohabit for at least two years with the current version.

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