Lamborghini: 2023, another record year

Unlike some Italian brands, the news from Lamborghini is simple and transparent. Quite simply, the bull brand has broken yet another sales record, just as we plannedand can therefore proudly and transparently display its figures.

The luxury and ultra-luxury brand announces that it has sold 10,112 units in 2023, up 9.5 % on n-1. It's interesting to note that in less than 10 years, Lamborghini has managed to triple its sales, because, as a reminder, in 2016 the brand only sold just over 3,000 cars.


As usual, the brand is transparent about the ventilation of its models, and the result is impressive. progression is achieved with 2 modelsHuracan and Urus, as production of the Aventador has come to an end, making way for the new Revuelto and its beautiful V12 atmo. With the Revuelto, it would be no surprise if Lamborghini exceeded 11,000 units by 2024.

Other interesting figures, breakdown by country. Unsurprisingly, the USA leads the way, with China only 3rd behind Germany. For France, it's a pity that the figure is added to that for Monaco. According to our information, Lamborghini has registered 124 Lamborghinis in France. A very decent score compared to the 187 Maseratis, but still far behind the 319 Ferraris (2023 figures).

lamborghini sales by country

And if we want to compare Italian brands, we can see that Lamborghini is making great strides and is not far off Ferrari's volumes. We now await the financial reports of the 3 brands in the coming weeks to find out the sales and profitability of each of them.

2023?10 112 + 9,5 %27 000
202213 2219 233 + 10 %25 900
202111 1558 405 +13 %24 200
20209 1197 43016 900

2024 will be an important year for the brand, with the presentation of the new Huracan, probably equipped with a V8 PHEV, and also its arrival in WEC.


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