Fiat: 2023 sales figures by country (thanks to South America)

Fiat Titano pickup launched in Brazil

About 1 month ago, we shared an article entitled Fiat remains Stellantis' No. 1 brand in terms of volumeThis is the latest in a series of reports published by the Italian brand. With 1.35 million units, up 12 % on 2023, all the figures are in the green. And because we like numbers (and so do you), here are the details of Fiat by country in 2023, compared with 2021 and 2022. I don't mean to be rambling: they'll amaze you!

First of all, it's interesting to note that while 2023 is up on 2022, the latter was down on 2021. So all in all, it's smoothing out. South America is the number 1 continent since Fiat announces 542,000 units and in our table we have 534,009 units with 474,554 for Brazil, 51,232 for Argentina, 6,364 for Uruguay, 1,077 for Chile and 782 for Colombia.


About the tops, Brazil and Turkey, which are growing every year with +10 % and +32 % respectively in 2023 alone, as well as Mexico at +58 %. To a lesser extent, Ireland with + 161 %.

FlopsItaly, which is stagnant compared to 2022 and down sharply compared to 2021, at -18 %, despite being the number 2 country. France is up 10 % on 2022, but down -16 % on 2021. Note that of the 62,838 registrations, the 500 accounts for half. Many countries are negative or stagnating. Mention should be made of Egypt, where sales have collapsed.


Conclusion, Fiat can thank South America, in addition to Mexico and Turkey. If Fiat were to confine itself to Europe, the story would be told differently.


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  1. I'm in Chambéry, 3h00 from Turin... but I've been waiting for a Fiat 500 headlight for 3 months and there's nothing to say it's going to get any better.
    Disgraceful service

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