500 electric: Fiat pushes the envelope with a new, unbeatable offer

The Italian manufacturer Fiat has just launched a new commercial offer for France: the electric 500 from €79 per month LOAproposed until December 31, 2023.

Is this because the 500 sells well in Franceor because sales in Europe are slowing down slightly, preventing the brand from surpassing its 2022 scores? Fiat France has just launched an even better commercial offer than the one proposed last month..


Last October, Fiat unveiled its electric 500 offer, starting at €99/month thanks to a €7000 bonus with no income requirements. The brand is now offering aa new offer, starting at €79/month, increasing the bonus to €8,000 (€5,000 bonus + €3,000 eco-Fiat). A deposit of €2,500 is required, unless your car is eligible for the conversion bonus, in which case the deposit is €0.

This offer is valid only for LOA, lease with purchase option, for a 90hp electric Fiat 500 with a 23.8 kWh battery, with 190 km range, for 37 months and 30,000 km.


This is still, for a car of this quality (see our test drive of the 500 electric), made in Italy, a good deal. At the end of the 37 months, the LOA allows you to buy the car for the remaining value.

A word of advice, however: calculate the number of km you drive each month.. With a 30,000 km LOA over 37 months, that's 810 km per month, and you'll have to recharge it 5 or 6 times a month for the 190 km version, compared with 3 times a month for the 320 km version.



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  1. It's a great offer and makes the Fiat 500e very affordable, especially for such a pleasant city car.
    I may prefer internal combustion cars 1,000 times over, but with the Fiat 500e, the Abarth, for which I'm waiting for a more powerful model with better range, or the future Lancia Ypsilon HF, I'll end up using them, as well as internal combustion cars.

  2. Great offer, but once I'd finished the quote it was 377€ monthly rent for 15000km per year with insurance and about 250€ without. Plus the fact that you have to provide a new deposit to continue the contract after 3 years, you're adding a minimum of €200 a month (either to buy back the remaining part or to finance a new lease). Without this budget, you won't have a car in 3 years. And last but not least, stocks are very limited and the models available are the most expensive. If you lease the basic model for €79 a month, you'll have to make do with 10,000 km a year, wait several months for delivery and make do with the small battery (there will also be an extra charge for the charging cables). However, the bill increases for all brands once the quotation is complete. These low prices are only introductory offers.

  3. I bought the electric Fiat 500 for less than 100€ ... the garage fiât in Fontaine 38000 I dealt with an extraordinary and very competent salesman on the vehicle and on the financing... I really trusted this excellent salesman Mr Jeremy Mo....ly... I recommend him....

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