Verstappen crushes the competition at Silverstone, Ferrari out of the picture

ferrari silverstone
Charles Leclerc's Ferrari at Silverstone 2023. Photo credit : Ferrari

The 2023 British Grand Prix was another disappointment for Scuderia Ferrariwhich failed to challenge for the podium despite strong qualifying performances from its drivers. Carlos Sainz finished tenth, Charles Leclerc ninth.

The SF23 failed to live up to expectations on the fast Silverstone circuit, where it suffered from a lack of top speed and grip, especially in the fast corners. The Ferrari was dominated by Max Verstappen's Red Bull, which won the race in style, but also by McLaren, Mercedes, Aston Martin and even Albon's Williams...


Scuderia Ferrari must react quickly if it wants to get back to at least fighting for 3rd place in the championship. Formula 1which seems to be getting further and further away. Next up is the Hungarian Grand Prix, on a circuit where Ferrari hopes to regain some of its competitive edge.

1Red Bull4111015
3Aston Martin18106

Frédéric Vasseur, Scuderia Ferrari's Managing Director, said: "We're disappointed with the result of this Grand Prix, because we had the potential to do better. We were penalized by the safety car, which cost us time and positions. Carlos and Charles did their best, but they couldn't fight with the leaders. We need to analyze what went wrong with our car, and work hard to improve our performance. We're not giving up, and we're going to do everything we can to come back stronger in Hungary."


Charles Leclerc commented: "It was a frustrating race for me, because I had a good pace and felt good in the car. I was fourth at the start, and I thought I could hold on to that position until the end. We have to stay positive, and keep working together."

Carlos Sainz commented: "Ferrari suffered from the wind at Silverstone, which made the car unstable and inconsistent. The SF-23 lacked downwind traction, and the choice of a harder tire didn't help. The team still has work to do to improve its development, and to reduce its dependence on track conditions. The car is still unpredictable, and its performance varied greatly depending on the wind gusts."



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  1. Completely out of touch.
    PS: it would be nice to have some info on endurance racing, which is becoming more exciting than F1 in HyperCars or LMGTE AM with Lilou.

  2. Only Carlos Sainz seems to be questioning the SF 23's capabilities, so I hope the team is aware of the work still to be done... Ferrari can't write Formula 1 off!

    • For the moment, the only one who's doing well but who's being hindered is Sainz junior.
      The day Ferrari leaves F1, they'll collapse like a house of cards, Liberty Media or not.

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