Lewis Hamilton reveals the decisive factor in signing for Ferrari

In a world of Formula 1 where transfers can sometimes resemble a real game of strategic chess, the transition from Lewis Hamilton to join the Ferrari team in 2025 was a bombshell. However, at the heart of this historic decision lies a a story of relationship and friendship that transcends simple sporting and financial calculations. It was the reunion with a former accomplice, Frédéric Vasseur, that sealed Lewis Hamilton's fate with the Scuderia.

Lewis Hamilton and Frédéric Vasseur share a shared history which goes back more than two decades. Together, they have experienced F3 success with the ASM team in 2005a victory that heralded the British driver's bright future. Their collaboration continued the following year in F2 with ART, confirming their winning chemistry. These memories of past glory forged an unbreakable bond between them, which played a decisive role in Hamilton's decision.


When asked about Vasseur's influence in his decision to join Ferrari, Hamilton made no secret of his the importance of their relationship. "I have an excellent relationship with Fred," he confided. Their time together in GP2 was a turning point, marking the start of a lasting friendship. Hamilton has always believed in Vasseur's ability to run an F1 team, even at a time when he wasn't yet aspiring to it. Their shared history has spanned the years, and Vasseur's appointment as head of the Scuderia was a key factor in Hamilton's decision.

For Hamilton, the move to Ferrari represents more than just a change of team. the realization of a childhood dream. However, despite his success and fame, he admits he has never explored the Ferrari world from the inside. "I've never been there," he says of Maranello, underlining a certain distance from the Prancing Horse marque despite the purchase of his first Ferrari in 2010. His loyalty to Mercedes has until now forbidden him to cross the threshold of the Italian factory, a taboo he will break in 2025.


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