Alfa Romeo CEO confirms 2024 target

In a video interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport on the occasion of the car brand's participation in the Biscione 1000 Miglia 2024, Jean-Philippe Imparato.., CEO ofAlfa Romeoannounced the brand's ambitions for the current year. According to him, Alfa Romeo plans to sell between 80,000 and 90,000 vehicles worldwide by 2024. However, Imparato stressed that sales figures are not the top priority. The emphasis is on rigorous work to relaunch the brand internationally and preserve its intrinsic value.

Imparato reiterated that the main objective is to boosting Alfa Romeo's prestige rather than focusing solely on sales volumes. This strategy is designed to ensure the brand's long-term viability and profitability. By 2023, Alfa Romeo has topped 70,000 units sales, its best score since 2020. For 2024, the aim is to surpass 2019, which saw just over 77,000 units sold, although this figure is still a long way off the 131,000 units achieved in 2018.


In the same interview, Imparato emphasized the strategic importance of launching theAlfa Romeo Juniora model that will put Stellantis' premium brand back on the map in market segment B. This launch is essential to win back former customers, particularly those who owned a MiTo or Giulietta, and to attract new customers. The CEO also confirmed that Alfa Romeo will launch a new model every year, with the new Stelvio scheduled for 2025 and the new Giulia for 2026. These initiatives should enable the brand to continue generating profitsa sine qua non for future developments.

As far as production is concerned, Imparato reiterated that Italy remains at the heart of Alfa Romeo's operations. The new Giulia and Stelvio will be produced in Cassino, while the Tonale SUV is made in Pomigliano. Imparato also confirmed that the brand will continue to invest in Italy.


Despite stagnating sales in Italyits main market, Alfa Romeo makes progress in countries such as France, Germany and Spain. The launch of the new Junior SUV, whose registrations will certainly begin before the fourth quarter of 2024, could be a significant growth lever. Imparato's target of 80,000 to 90,000 units for 2024 seems both prudent and realistic.


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  1. Someone to explain to him that the after-sales service is pathetic, and that it's not enough to sell your services at exorbitant prices to be premium?
    And thermal power remains an indispensable option for an agile sports car.

    • I couldn't agree more. The after-sales service is a disaster, even here in Germany, where I'm almost told that I'd be better off buying something else because Italian engines eat oil, let's see! Then I'm asked to pay as much as €3,000 to change the catalytic converter on a GT, or €500 for a lousy air-conditioning hose, and I'm not talking about the waiting time (up to two months) for a simple overhaul. With the arrival of new models that are just Peugeot in disguise, I've decided to put an end to 30 years of loyalty to the Fiat and Alfa brands. Now it's KIA for me.

  2. Is he still here?

    "Imparato stressed that sales figures are not the top priority. The emphasis is on rigorous work [...] Imparato reiterated that the main objective is to revive Alfa Romeo's prestige..."

    We saw it with your baby, the Milano Junior...

    "Imparato stressed the strategic importance of the launch of the Alfa Romeo Junior... [...] This launch is essential to win back former customers, especially those who owned a MiTo or Giulietta...".

    I drive a Giulietta and could never imagine buying this thing.

    Can't Elkann dissolve Stellantis? 😁

  3. Yeah! It's not all fun and games! 🙄
    Bringing the former owners of the Mito and Giulietta back into the fold with the Junior!???? A very optimistic Mr. Imparato!
    As for sales figures, given the state of the networks at Stellantis and repeated problems (the Boeing in French sauce), Alfa's future remains very uncertain. Not to mention Lancia...
    It's not by pastiching PSA products with Panini stickers or Magnets to stick on the fridge to recall the beautiful stories of the brands' past that they'll regain their lustre!...

  4. Alfa Romeo may gain customers, but it will also lose those who don't want to buy an Alfa Romeo derived from a Peugeot.
    I can't imagine buying an Alfa Romeo with a PureTech engine. My current Alfa Romeos will be the last of their kind. Then I'll have to look at the competition.
    What's more, all-electricity is a losing bet, as we can see from electric car sales, which are stagnating at 17% of the market, or even falling for certain models. Imparato is Alfa Romeo's gravedigger.

    • Go to Audi same engines and chassis as VW Skoda Seat....
      Go to Mercedes engines Renault
      Go to Renault same engines and chassis Dacia Mitsubishi Nissan and even Lada
      Go to Rolls same BMW engines and chassis
      go to BENTLEY VW engines and chassis
      .....facile de critiquer, va vivez à votre époque, économie d'échelles vous connaissez
      I'm neither for nor against it, but it's almost impossible to do otherwise.

      • True, but that's not why it's good.
        Lamborghinis also borrow VW elements.
        I've never been shocked by Alfa Romeos that borrowed many elements from Fiat (even the chassis), but Alfa Romeos, Lancias and Fiats that are restyled Peugeots bother me a lot. Maybe because I don't like French cars, and PureTechs are crap.

      • Mazda, Toyota/Lexus and Honda, unless I'm mistaken, develop their own chassis and engines with a distinctive design... and reliability too!
        Whether you like it or not, it's a good alternative...

        Note: well the latest urban SUV the Lexus LBX shares the platform with the Toyota Yaris Cross so nothing is perfect in this world! 😁

        • Lexus is Toyota's luxury brand, so it makes sense for them to share.
          Having recently seen the Lexus LBX, I thought it was fine, except for its engine.

      • Already said several times: that's not the point. The problem with Stellantis is that it's based on the worst of the band.

        I don't understand how anyone can blatantly defend such a group...

    • It's Tavarès the big boss who's to blame. The sinister "cost killer"! Imparato is at the end of his career! 🙄

  5. Please have them read the comments.
    We want real petrol AND diesel engines.
    No pure tech!!! A 3 cyl 1200cc !!!!!

  6. I've always liked cars with

    I've always liked Italian cars with character.
    1 guilia
    2 Alfeta
    1 166
    1 guilia veloce
    1 trevi
    1 kappa
    I think those days are over.
    I don't think electric cars
    will replace this type of car
    At least they won't be the same driving pleasures

  7. But what do the Mito and Giulietta have to do with the Junior?

    I really don't understand the gap between the communication and the reality of these cars...

    • Imparato must not have been wearing his glasses when he said that those who have owned a MiTo or a Giulietta would love the Junior.
      Alfa Romeo Stellantis' new policy is all-electric or PureTech. With this, they're also planning queues to order in dealerships?

    • It's all about selling the dream, Dolce Vita-style! And it's going to take a lot to convince future buyers (or suckers)! 🙄😅

  8. Alfisti bought an Alfa for its roaring engine and elegant design.
    Inevitably, in 2024, with all that gone, it's hard to keep the alfists. And other customers (wrongly) have a bad image of the brand.
    Add to that a deplorable welcome at dealerships....and the result is there....

    Several avenues remain to be explored:

    1. Return to internal combustion engines. Even if it means "offering" customers the CO2 penalty.
    2. Make it a prestige brand for image: a few ultra-expensive models, out of reach, but selling like hotcakes.

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