Alfa Romeo the model that will arrive in 2027 could be a large sedan

We know that since Jean-Philippe Imparato is at the head ofAlfa RomeoThe Italian brand's product plan has been validated and frozen until 2027. However, this product plan has not been shared publicly, contrary to what FCA has been used to. It is therefore, with the clues left here and there by the representatives of the brand, that we must guess what is the Alfa Romeo 2023 - 2027 product plan.

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A new clue was given by the CEO of Alfa Romeo at the launch of the Tonale in Japan.


We need to be in the E-segment in North America [...] and we are working on it.

Jean-Philippe Imparato CEO Alfa Romeo

Imparato said the E-segment car will arrive in 2027, will of course be electric, and will be larger than the Stelvio... but it doesn't have to be an SUV.

This information makes sense since for large models, Alfa Romeo seems to share the Maserati product plan, and the next Maserati Quattroporte should be offered in two versions: a normal and a stretched. What about a new Giulia and a large sedan from Alfa Romeo?


This new car will be one more piece in the puzzle of the Alfa Romeo brand whose objective is to succeed in making 40 % of sales outside Europecompared to 18 % in 2021. On this point, Mr. Imparato is rather in agreement with the speech of Sergio Marchionne, former CEO of FCA now deceased.

Below is the table of models that we are almost sure will be launched by 2027.

Alfa Romeo TonaleC-SUV2022FCA SW LWB965Pomigliano d'Arco (Italy)
Alfa Romeo Giulia MY23D-sedan2023Giorgio952Cassino (Italy)
Alfa Romeo Stelvio MY23D-SUV2023Giorgio949Cassino (Italy)
Alfa Romeo XSupercar2023MC20 ?Modena (Italy)
Alfa Romeo XB-SUV2024PSA eCMP966Tychy (Poland)
Alfa Romeo StelvioD-SUV2025STLA Medium
Alfa Romeo GiuliaD-sedan2026STLA Medium
Alfa Romeo XE-sedan2027STLA Large

To go further, you can read our article on future Alfa Romeo models until 2030.


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  1. Yeah, I don't really believe in it because Maserati should rather share its elements with Lancia having the same philosophy and product or else make a pure sports car at Alfa, a Luxury at Lancia and a luxo-sports car at Maserati.
    Marchionne's problem was not the vision of the brand but the "inconsistent" sales numbers with the brand.
    A new Ghibli could share its platform with Lancia and Alfa for a large sedan and instead share the Quattroporte platform with Lancia with less power.

      • And that's the problem, because the Quattroporte can share its concept with Lancia but doing the same with Alfa Romeo is still inconsistent.
        It's like Ferrari making a limousine.
        Maserati, like Lancia, has been a luxury-sports brand for a long time (it was Lancia that launched the so-called "prenium" context with the Delta).
        An Alfa represents pure sport, not luxury.

        • Except that in the group, each brand director seems to lead his own boat independently of the other brands and all propose models that the market is waiting for. I'm very impatient, with some apprehension, to see what the next Lancia models will really be because I could clearly be a customer of a sedan if it's successful.

          • Something that I will not be anymore since it will go electric and I do not believe in it at all.
            If each brand could "really" recover its independence as Ferrari did during the Fiat era, it would be a huge step forward.

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