Maserati backtracks on the electric 100 %?

Davide Grasso at the Maserati Folgore Day

As the global automotive industry moves towards electrification, Maserati may finally adopt a more nuanced approach. At the recent "Maserati Folgore Dayan event dedicated to the promotion of its future electric models.he new Grancabrio FolgoreDavide Grasso, CEO of Maserati, took the time to highlight the brand's strategy, with particular emphasis on its heritage and its roots in Italy.

Davide Grasso reiterated that Modena, the brand's historic and emblematic headquarters, will remain a nerve center for Maserati. Home to Italy's oldest automobile production site still in operation, the city will continue to play a central role, even in an electrified future. Maserati stands out for its commitment to "Made in Italy", with production remaining entirely based in Italy, from design to manufacture.


Despite a clear commitment to electrification announced for 2028, where the entire Trident range will be electrified, After all, Maserati isn't completely closing the door on combustion engines. Grasso stressed the importance of giving customers a choiceby not setting a definitive date for the cessation of combustion engine production. This approach could vary according to markets and consumer preferences, refusing to impose a switch to all-electricity.

It is undeniable that Maserati is going through a complex period by aiming to become a luxury brand that relies on the 100 % electric when Lamborghini or Ferrari will always offer thermal hybrids in their ranges. Maserati at a strategic crossroadsThe company's commitment to electrification remains unchanged. It confirms its commitment to electrification, while remaining attentive to the desires and needs of its customers. The latest events concerning the future Quattroporte platform probably have something to do with it.


So it could be that some European countries will only have Folgore models in their catalog, while others will have combustion engines. One last question remains: what kind of hybrid combustion engine? GME T6 ? To be continued...

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  1. Let customers choose between internal combustion and electric, and don't impose electric when, for various reasons, you don't want to buy one.
    Let's hope that, like Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Abarth and Lancia come to the same conclusion for their future models.

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