The new Fiat Grande Panda at the price of the Pandina? What choice will Italians make?

For several months now, the Stellantis automotive group has been at loggerheads with the Italian government. On one side, Stellantis is asking Italians to buy more of their brands, while Italy is asking Stellantis to increase local production. In this tense context, Fiat has announced that production of the popular Fiat Panda, affectionately known as the "Pandina", will be discontinued.will continue in Italy until at least 2027, or even 2029. Then, a few months later, Fiat unveils the Grande Pandaa model produced in Serbia, in the former Fiat 500L factory.

The Grande Panda: bigger and more modern

The Grande Panda, as its name suggests, is larger than the Pandina. It promises to offer the latest technologies and a wide range of powertrains, including both a hybrid combustion engine and an electric motor. This B-segment vehicle, measuring 4 meters in length, stands out for its optimized habitability thanks to a compact volume. Capable of carrying five people, the Grande Panda is ideal for both family comfort and contemporary urban mobility.


The price duel

While the exact price of the Pandina is not yet known, the current Fiat Panda hybrid, made in Italy, sells for €15,500 excluding promotion. Although the official price of the Grande Panda has not yet been announced either, it's likely that he'll be shooting around €15,000, like the Citroën C3, its technical cousin. As a result, Italian consumers are faced with a crucial choice: opt for a smaller, older model made in Italy, or for a larger, more modern car made in Serbia, at the same price.

Impact on sales

This situation raises an interesting question: which model will the Italians prefer? In 2023, the Fiat Panda recorded 130,000 sales, including 106,000 in Italy alone. Should the Grande Panda surpass the Pandina in terms of sales, this could provide Stellantis with strong arguments in its negotiations with the Italian government. Indeed, a preference for a foreign-made model over local production could influence future corporate strategies and industrial policies.


The choice of Italian consumers will be closely scrutinized. Will they prefer to support the local economy by buying the Pandina, or will they be seduced by the innovation and modernity of the Grande Panda?


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  1. I hope they didn't make it bigger....the new 500 E is too big for my taste ...That's just why I didn't buy it...

    • The little Italian Panda is 3.65m long, while the Serbian Panda is 3.99m. I think the newer one is also wider to accommodate five people, which is very important in Italian villages...

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