New Fiat Panda: the first images just a few months away?

The news Fiat Pandascheduled for official unveiling in July, is already the talk of the town. What seems to be the first images of the long-awaited modelhave just surfaced. These images, taken from a patent filed by Fiat in 2021, show a glimpse of the new Panda's design.

As a reminder, the new Fiat Panda will share design elements with the Citroen e-C3, unveiled last October. The two vehicles bear a striking resemblance, suggesting once again shared design elements.


The new Fiat Panda will be built on the Smart Car platform of Stellantis, with production planned for Kragujevac in Serbia. Other production sites include Kenitra in Morocco for the North African market and Betim in Brazil for Latin America, where the car could be marketed under a different name. This significant change in aesthetics compared with the current generation, which will continue to be produced at Pomigliano until the end of 2026, marks an important step in the evolution of the Panda.

In terms of accessibility, the new Panda will be positioned as one of the first low-cost electric cars, with a starting price of around 21,000 euros. The range will also include hybrid versions, with an entry-level version expected to cost no more than 14,000 euros. Another electric version, even more affordable, probably thanks to a smaller battery, could see its price drop below 20,000 euros, with no environmental bonus.


Now that we're just a few months away from the official presentation, images have been leaked, albeit unconfirmed as those of the production model, offer a glimpse of what Fiat has in store for the future of this iconic model.. With a competitive pricing strategy and renewed design, the new Panda is ready to play its key role in the accessible electric and hybrid vehicle market.


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    • @ Domi
      It's not suvs that the Mayor of Paris is targeting for parking, but vehicles over 2t and 2.4t for electrics, which isn't exactly the same thing.
      a large Bentley, for example, although not a suv, will be over-taxed in the same way.

    • Hopefully, the current one will continue its career and we'll see which of the 2 sells better. My money's already on the current one.

  1. This rebadging strategy dismays me! This car is nothing more than a Citroën clone with a few elements taken from the 120 concept! What a great design job! Bravo guys! Even I can do it! Yet another car that loses its uniqueness, that little touch that sets it apart from the rest and gives it a soul! This policy of standardization really disappoints me !

  2. The E-C3 can claim the chevrons, but this looks like ... nothing!
    We'll see when we get out, maybe it's just a troll to hide his game.

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