Carlos Tavares confirms a Fiat 500 hybrid made in Italy... but with a long lead time

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, has put an end to months of speculation by confirming that production of a new Fiat 500 hybrid in Italy. This announcement comes at a crucial time for Stellantis, as the 500 electric production halved in the first quarter of 2024and that production of the former Fiat 500 hybrid in Poland has ceased.

The news The Fiat 500 hybrid will be produced at the Mirafiori plant from 2026. The decision was announced by Carlos Tavares at a meeting with trade unions in Turin. Tavares also announced the production of the Jeep Compass at Melfi in the near future, underlining the importance of strengthening production in Italy to achieve the goal shared with the Italian government of producing one million vehicles in the country by 2030.


Stellantis' production plan includes not only the new Fiat 500 hybrid, but also a process of rejuvenating the workforce with hiring of young workers, particularly at Mirafiori. Ferdinando Uliano, Secretary of Fim Cisl, expressed his optimism by stating that the confirmation of production of the 500 hybrid for the first quarter of 2026 represents an important first step in strengthening Mirafiori's productive mission.

However, this good news comes with challenges. The delay of a year and a half before the start of production raises questions, especially when you consider that the currenthe 500 electric was already designed for a hybrid powertrain. Two hypotheses are put forward: either it is necessary to adapt the PureTech hybrid engine rather than the Firefly, or it is a matter of the new Fiat 500 initially scheduled for 2027 which would be launched a year ahead of schedule with the STLA Small platform.


Uilm trade unionists Rocco Palombella and Gianluca Ficco pointed out that although the plan meets some of their demands, it also involves long lead times and considerable sacrifices for workers. They also called on the government to organize a round table at the Council Presidency to address outstanding issues, such as the relaunch of the Maserati brand and the Modena plant.


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  1. The 500 hybrid in just 2 years? And in the meantime Mirafiori will continue to idle, with production stoppages?
    2 years to adapt the PureTech, if this engine is chosen?

  2. Fiat is heading for the wall, very slowly but very surely. Former Fiat customers have gone elsewhere since the end of the Croma, the Punto, then the Tipo, and the start of forced electrification. What's left is the Pandina, then... classic cars.

  3. The marketing people at Stellantis took a long time to realize that electric cars were an artificial market boosted by subsidies, and that hybrids still had a great future, contrary to popular belief!
    Tavares is certainly a cost-killer and looks more and more like Ghosn, but like Ghosn he doesn't understand much about product policy. Di Méo, on the other hand, is sharper and more modest!

    • I agree with you. I think that Tavares was the right man for the job when he took over at PSA and that it's now time to change with someone like Luca De Meo, who is brilliant, a good manager and has a good affinity with the product.

      Personally, I'm a firm believer in electricity, but imposing it so violently is counterproductive at the moment.

  4. It would appear that the hybrid engine chosen for the Fiat 500 is the PureTech 1.2 75hp.
    Stellantis now only uses PureTech when not electrically powered.

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