Ferrari: a year 2022 that still breaks all records

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As at the beginning of each year, Ferrari presents its figures for the previous year. And the least we can say is that 2022 is still a record year with +18.5% of Ferraris delivered compared to 2021.

The time is long gone when Luca di Montezemolo wanted to limit Ferrari sales to 7,000 per year, and Sergio Marchionne to 10,000 per year, in order to keep exclusivity.

Faced with an ever-increasing demand and customers in search of novelty, Ferrari reached 13221 deliveries in 2022. An absolute record. Another record that has been broken is the turnover that exceeds 5 billion euros, and a net profit of 939 million euros.

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This number can be explained very simply by the fact that Ferrari is launching many more new models than in the past. Since 2019 alone, 9 new models have been presented: SF90 Stradale, 812 GTS, F8 Spider, Roma, SF90 Spider, Portofino M, 296 GTB, 296 GTS and the Purosangue SUV.

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It is also interesting to note that the European zone remains the largest customer with almost 6000 Ferraris delivered. Nevertheless, the increase in volume is less important in Europe than in the other areas.

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Note that the deliveries of the SUV Ferrari Purosangue are not yet counted because they are deliveries. The first Purosangue will be delivered in 2023 and when we know that it is already sold out for the next two years, since Ferrari wants to limit the volume of the SUV to 20 % of the annual Ferrari production, we can almost bet on an increase of 20 % of the volume of deliveries next year, to reach 15,000 deliveries in 2023?

Faced with this volume, don't expect to see the price of Ferraris go down since, on the contrary, the brand has announced that it was going to increase its prices in 2023 to offset the cost of inflation.

See you in early 2024 to find out if Ferrari will celebrate a new record in deliveries, sales... in addition to a manufacturers' championship of Formula 1 ? 😉

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