ItalPassion offers you to choose your car insurance: better, young driver, sports car, cheap, malus, you will know everything on this page to insure your Italian vehicle.

Best car insurance

Looking for the best car insurance? Let's define what would be the best insurance for you:

  • insurance at the right price
  • insurance with good guarantees
  • Insurance that is available and responsive when the problem occurs

It is very important to be aware that insurance must be good when the disaster happens. Whether the accident is responsible or not, it will be able to help you depending on the guarantees you have subscribed to.

For example, you have an accident that is not your responsibility: is there a loaner car? Is the equipment on board the car insured and covered in case of damage? How long does it take to get reimbursed?

Comparing car insurance quotes and offers will help you spend less money.

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Car insurance comparator

Car insurance comparators are very popular because they allow you to compare the offers of hundreds of insurance companies in a few minutes and thus get the best protection / price ratio. Lelynx, lesfurets, meilleurassuance, etc. These comparators are very efficient and earn money (commission) only if you subscribe to an insurance offer through them.

Car insurance by Italian brands

To find the best insurance for your Italian, go to the section dedicated to your brand. You will be able to get free online quotes from several insurance companies and thus get the best offer.

Abarth Insurance

Find the best car insurance for your Abarth vehicle.

Alfa Romeo Insurance

Find the best car insurance for your Alfa Romeo vehicle.

Ferrari Insurance

Find the best car insurance for your Ferrari.

Fiat Insurance

Find the best car insurance for your Fiat vehicle.

Lamborghini Insurance

Find the best car insurance for your Lamborghini vehicle.

Lancia Insurance

Find the best car insurance for your Lancia vehicle.

Maserati Insurance

Find the best car insurance for your Maserati.

Pagani Insurance

Find the best car insurance for your Pagani vehicle.

Other brands car insurance

Due to the success of the car insurance comparison tool for Italian cars, we have extended the comparison tool to other car brands.

Peugeot Insurance

Find the best car insurance for your Peugeot vehicle.

Young driver car insurance

Not all insurers accept to insure all young drivers. Even less so when it comes to sports cars. For example, even a 170 HP Alfa Romeo MiTo may not be insured for a young driver with some insurance companies because this car will be considered sporty.

For young drivers, insurance companies will prefer cars that do not exceed 100 hp. Some Alfa Romeo and Fiat are in these criteria.

Sports car insurance

You have a sports car or you plan to buy one? Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, Maserati, Ferrari or Lamborghini, not all insurances insure these cars (value of the vehicles, theft, ...). On the contrary, insuring sports cars is the specialty of some insurances.

Third-party versus comprehensive auto insurance

Third-party car insurance is less expensive than comprehensive insurance. It has less coverage and higher deductibles.

This third party insurance contract can be interesting if your car does not drive much and/or has little value.

Comprehensive car insurance is an insurance policy that offers maximum coverage and assistance. Deductibles are lower or non-existent, depending on conditions.

This comprehensive insurance can be interesting if you do a lot of driving and/or if your car is valuable.

Note: for third party and comprehensive insurance, the excess is the amount that remains payable by you in the event of compensation by the insurer following a claim (whether or not the accident is at fault, theft, fire).

Cheap car insurance

A cheap car insurance can be third party or comprehensive. For a really cheap insurance it is enough to take a third party insurance and limited mileage per year. The rate can be under 50 € per month.

For get the best deal on cheap comprehensive car insurance you should use a car insurance comparison tool to see which one offers the best price for the same level of coverage.

Whatever the type of insurance, you can adjust the options of your car insurance according to your needs and thus vary the price.

Bad car insurance

When you have had several claims, responsible, the car malus increases. At the end of a certain malus certain insurance companies can refuse to insure you. It is then necessary to call upon specialized insurance companies for the bad credited drivers. These insurances for bad drivers are expensive.

Car insurance and demonstration vehicles

Demonstration cars are displayed in the windows of car dealerships, on streetsides or in commercial areas. They benefit from a specific insurance regime, which can vary from company to company. To find the best deal, you need to know the particularities of this type of vehicle, and the advantages of a good car insurance comparator.